Visitors From Canada

visitors from Canada If you have spent any time in Canada, you will probably be aware that Canadians are extremely hospitable. Therefore, when hosting a Canadian delegation in your country, you should endeavour to make your guests’ stay as pleasant as possible. This should include an enjoyable supporting programme; after all, your Canadian business partners will want […]

Meetings And Presentations In Canada

Meetings and presentations in Canada Along with the invitation to the meeting, your Canadian business partners or colleagues have probably sent you an agenda with a great many items on it, which are to be worked through methodically, one after the after. Accordingly, you are expected to arrive punctually for the meeting. Efforts will also be made to finish […]

Communication In Canada

communication in Canada Canada is bilingual, with two official languages, English and French. However, only the province Québec, parts of New Brunswick and several areas of Ontario, on the Québec border, are predominantly French-speaking. Canadian English Canadian English is enunciated very slowly and clearly. Many people think it sounds American. The cadence heard in a few regions, […]

First Business Meeting In Canada

business meeting in Canada At your first business appointment in Canada, you will soon observe that your Canadian contacts are extremely polite, respectful and discreet in their dealings with each other. They are not accustomed to purely performance-driven behaviour in their working lives. “Stay cool” is their motto. Canadians are calm and composed at all times. You will […]