Visitors From Brazil

visitors from Brazil Visitors from Brazil are usually uncomplicated guests to have: They are not too demanding and in addition to that very flexible. Yet, for you as the host, the planning of your Brazilian business partners’ stay is by far more challenging since you might not be able to get all the needed information in time, […]

Business Meals And After Work In Brazil

business meals in brazil In a relationship-oriented business culture like Brazil, business meals and after work activities are of great importance. You may be out almost every night with business partners or colleagues. And several daytime lunches after meetings will also take place. Always keep in mind that in Brazilian business, decisions or negotiations are often prepared in […]

Meetings In Brazil

meetings in Brazil Doing business in Brazil requires a certain amount of patience. Be prepared that your meeting will most likely not start on time. However, in this context it is important to know that when it comes to punctuality there are regional differences in Brazil. In the southern part of the country people usually appreciate punctuality […]

Communication In Brazil

communication in Brazil To cultivate a good relationship is the most important factor when entering a conversation with Brazilians. This can be achieved by lots of small talk, showing a good sense of humour as well as an authentic interest in the other person’s life. By chatting to each other the conversational partners are creating a pleasant […]

First Business Meeting In Brazil

business meeting in Brazil If you want to be successful in Brazil please keep in mind that Brazilians don’t do business with someone they don’t know. Personal relationships are very important and play a large role in business life. So please invest time and effort to establish a relationship of mutual trust with your Brazilian partner. Dress code […]

Presentations In Brazil

presentations in Brazil In Brazil, the clocks tick slowly. In general, people take a lot of time over small talk and face-to-face conversations. Therefore, it may well be that, at the beginning of the meeting, your Brazilian business partners or colleagues inquire in detail about how you are, make a joke or offer a compliment and chat […]

Leadership In Brazil

Leadership in Brazil

In Brazilian companies, the management style is clearly authoritarian and hierarchical. Employees expect that a supervisor will assume the role of the ›benevolent father‹, successfully marrying the interests of the company with their well-being. A confident appearance and a high degree of integrity are both therefore essential for the leadership in Brazil. Losing one’s temper […]