Visitors From Argentina

Visitors from Argentina When your Argentinian business partners visit you in your country, you should always keep in mind that Argentinians are generally very relationship-oriented. Friendly interaction plays a major role in being able to do business successfully. Welcome your guests warmly and plan some social activities around your business appointments. Just imagine that your guest are […]

Business Meals And After Work In Argentina

business meals in Argentina Usually, a business meal in Argentina is typically not about business at all. The focus is on building relationships which are so important in this country. Business meals are about getting to know each other and meeting on a personal, cordial level. Never underestimate these relaxed get-togethers, as Argentinians will use these occasions to […]

Presentations In Argentina

Presentations In Argentina In Argentinian business life, your buena presencia, i.e. your personal image and proper conduct, plays an important role. However, making a good impression does not only require elegant clothing, but also an excellent presentation. First Business Meeting In Argentina Buena presencia If you give a presentation to Argentinians, don’t assume that your presentation will […]

Meetings In Argentina

Meetings In Argentina In Argentina, meetings are primarily held to deepen personal relationships with business partners. Exchanging concrete information or making decisions is often relegated to the background. Aims of meetings Agreements that are made during a meeting are therefore by no means to be regarded as absolutely binding and are often thrown out at a later […]

Communication In Argentina

Communication In Argentina Argentinians communicate indirectly and in a relationship-friendly way in business life. For them, simpatía, mutual esteem and cordial relations always come first. This is why points of criticism are generally not openly addressed and conflicts are avoided as far as possible. Above all, this happens out of the need to not attack others and […]

First Business Meeting In Argentina

Business Meeting In Argentina A first business meeting in Argentina is usually characterized by a high degree of courtesy, respect and esteem. A similar demeanor will be expected from you as well. Personal relationships You will also be treated very warmly as Argentineans are very relationship-oriented. They do not distinguish between the personal and the factual or professional […]