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Do you offer Online Coaching? Looking for new ways to promote your trainings, programs or courses? Choose one or both of our memberships:

For Online-Coaches:

If you are offering online coaching, then opt for our Online-Coach Membership which includes a full-page online coach profile plus a contact form for potential clients to get in touch with you. Our sophisticated matching process allows clients to find you according to your areas of expertise. Get new clients who are really interested in what you offer!


For Trainers:

For trainers who would like to promote their global business skills trainings, programs and courses, we recommend a listing in our Trainer Directory. Expand your global reach by advertising your offers on our platform.

After going through checkout, you can set up your trainer listing straight away. Include your logo, a direct link to your website and your contact details so that HR professionals and entrepreneurs can contact you directly.

Terms Of Service:

You can change or cancel your subscription any time. Please view our Terms of Service for further details.

Trainer Directory Listing
$3.90 / month
Set up your individual trainer page to promote your group trainings, courses and programs to corporate clients. Be part of the crossculture2go Trainer Community with Live Events and active networking opportunities.
Membership for Online-Coaches
$5.90 / month
Join us as Online-Coach for Global Business Skills and find new clients who are interested in your areas of expertise. Be part of the crossculture2go Coach Community with Live Events and active networking opportunities.