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Global Business Skills

A Global Mindset and Skill Set are what make you and your company successful in international markets. With the support of our worldwide network of 450+ multilingual business coaches, trainers and country experts, we can help you develop these skills and take you, your teams and your business to the next level.

Global DISC For Corporates

Global DISC Corporate

With our Global DISC Corporate Solution we help your employees to work, collaborate and sell effectively in 50 countries. A multi-award winning assessment tool that identifies personality and communication gaps leading to a rapid development of international competencies and cross-border successes.

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Global Sales Program

Whether MEDDICC, Spin Selling or Sandler – all successful sales concepts are based on establishing good customer relations. And quite rightly so. But ito really interact with foreign customers and sell effectively, 3 crucial sales gaps must be identified and proactively closed in every phase of the sales process.


As Global DISC Master Trainer, we are able to certify trainers, coaches, consultants and HR professionals to use the full spectrum of the Global DISC assessment tools, personality and culture profiles plus development programs in their organisation.

Expert Search

Looking for a corporate trainer or personal coach to develop global business skills? With our worldwide network of 450+ highly qualified, multilingual, international trainers and coaches, we can help you find the right expert for your business.

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About Us

With 20+ years in the field of international business support, we are an industry-leading resource for businesses. Our mission is to help you harness the power of personal and cultural differences for a competitive advantage.