Selling Worldwide

You have the right product or service, now you “just” would like to start selling it in one or more foreign markets. Understanding your new customers’ needs, their specific communication style and their core values is the first step in securing your place in the market when selling worldwide!

adapting your marketing to a global audience

Adapting Your Marketing To A Global Audience

When entrepreneurs seek growth by expanding into global markets, they often overlook that their marketing assets and strategies might not work.

selling across borders

8 Success Factors When Selling Across Borders

Even the most experienced sales teams face unknown challenges when they venture into new markets abroad. (Selling Around the World Intro)

Selling in the US

Selling In The USA - 3 Success Factors

The USA are the right place for you if you have a strong vision and you are not easily scared. See our 3 basic tips for selling in the USA!

selling in the Netherlands

Selling In The Netherlands - 3 Success Factors

Adjusting your communication skills is a key component in your sales success. So check out our 3 top tips on selling in the Netherlands!

selling in china

Selling In China - 3 Success Factors

There are a few things to consider if you want to expand into the Chinese market. Check out these three basic tips for selling in China!

negotiation skills international business

Negotiation Skills In International Business

How to successfully negotiate across cultures is one of the most important aspects of international business relations, with quite high stakes!

selling in Germany

Selling In Germany - 3 Success Factors

Explore the factors that are required for successfully doing business before diving right in. Let’s have a look at Germany!

selling in Japan

Selling In Japan - 3 Success Factors

Adjusting your business skills to fit the country you are expanding your market to is a key component. So check out how to sell in Japan!

selling in Saudi Arabia

Selling In Saudi Arabia - 3 Success Factors

The bigger the cultural gap between partners, the higher the chance of sales pitfalls. See our 3 tips on selling in Saudi Arabia!