Selling In The US - 3 Success Factors

Merely having the product and the vision is not enough on the international market. You need a deep understanding of the culture behind the market you are leaping into, and you also need strong communication skills based on this knowledge. But the US is the right place for you if you have a strong vision and you are not easily scared. See our 3 basic tips for successfully selling in the US!

Selling in the US
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1 – Think And Talk Big

You are probably familiar with the term “American dream”. You are also probably familiar with product launches and company presentations that are overloaded with words like “great”, “awesome”, “thrilled”, and the crowd cheering in enthusiasm. This is America. Here people like to think big and talk big. They love a vision and someone who can speak of their vision. It’s not only that you don’t have to be shy when presenting your product and/or your company, but rather you have to talk as enthusiastically as you can, using phrases as immense as you can. It’s also about not focusing on the problems or setbacks, but rather on the success and the potential positive outcomes. If you have a really strong positive attitude, and you are the embodiment of enthusiasm, you are more than halfway there already.

2 – Focus On The Product

The US is very task-oriented as opposed to relationship-oriented. Here, the product and the task, the things that have to be done come first, and the personal bond after. Talk about your company, your product, your goals and achievements, and rather than talking, show your potential partners what you can. Show what you have achieved so far, give them examples and make sure you let them know that you are not scared of doing the hard work. Have a thorough and detailed plan, and take them through it, let them know that you have everything covered.

3 – Take The Risk

Taking risks and not being afraid of the unknown are key elements in building the American dream. One of the most important things that make the US the destination of people who like to think big, is the fact that people there are not scared of taking risks, neither of failing. They will try again and again, and consider each failure as an investment. So if you show up, you have to be very okay with risks, the unknown, and possible failure. And you also have to communicate this to them. One very important aspect of business communication in the US is that you have to always stay positive, always conclude your presentations, talks, meetings on a positive and optimistic note, but at the same time you have to be prepared for anything. You have to be cool in the face of risk, and this has to show on you.

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