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Global DISC Individual Assessment




Moving country soon? Living abroad but not fitting in? Experiencing communication gaps with international colleagues but can’t put your finger on it?

Get your personal Global DISC report and find out

  • if you and your target country are a match.
  • in which cultures you are most at ease and what separates you from cultures at the opposite end of the scale.
  • what influences you when living and working abroad.
  • what drives other people with a different cultural background.
  • how to bridge the culture & communication gaps.

Stop leaving things to chance and finally find your feet in a new country or international job. Eliminate the exhaustion of living or working in another culture and succeed anywhere in the world. Feel empowered and confident, both in your professional and personal communication abroad.

The Global DISC assessment visualises your personality, culture and communication gaps when it comes to living and working abroad. Add a country of your choice and see where you stand in comparison to how people think and behave there.

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