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In Argentinian business life, your buena presencia, i.e. your personal image and proper conduct, plays an important role. However, making a good impression does not only require elegant clothing, but also an excellent presentation.

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If you give a presentation to Argentinians, don’t assume that your presentation will speak for itself. For Argentinians, you, the person giving the presentation, are just as important! You as a person represent the quality of your presentation and, vice versa, your presentation not only presents your company but also you as a person. You must present yourself!

For this reason, make sure that you present eloquently, but that your PowerPoint slides are on the unobtrusive side. Avoid playful effects and overly bright colors and keep them simple and matter-of-fact.


When it comes to content, you must also primarily convey a buena presencia. For instance, when you present a new project Argentinians do not want to hear about risks, uncertainties or potential problems. The point of a presentation is to give your Argentinian business partners a positive overall impression. Also, a detailed presentation of the prehistory or background of the matter at hand will not be necessary. Argentinians generally work spontaneously and are solution-oriented; they are not interested in potential problems in the run-up to the event or in any difficulties that may arise in the future.

You should always keep in mind that your presentation is less about the concrete content than about how your Argentinian colleagues will get a good impression of you and your project. As far as Argentinians are concerned, you and your project are one. A cooperation will only be established if you can win over your Argentinian partners on a personal level.


Argentinians communicate indirectly and in a relationship-oriented way. Critical issues are not addressed directly and openly. There will therefore be no discussion or controversial questions during or after your presentation, because people want to protect the presenter from a possible loss of face and not question their buena presencia by criticizing it. Even if someone has not understood the facts of the case, you as the presenter will probably not notice this at all because no one will ask any questions.


In order to get adequate feedback on your presentation or to address critical points of your project, you must take plenty of time for informal discussions after your presentation. You will probably receive important feedback after the official part is over, during the coffee break or on your way to lunch together. Make sure to tune in to any subtle nuances.

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