podcasts for global-minded people
podcasts for global-minded people

Podcasts For Global-minded People

On the move abroad? Experiencing unknown challenges? Take one or two of our favourite podcasts for global-minded people along the way!

A Culture Story with Megan Norton

Story is powerful. Story is complex. A story is not complete until it is told, heard, and understood. The purpose of Megan’s podcast is to showcase guests’ stories who speak specifically about their cross-cultural experiences – whatever cross-cultural means to them. This is a podcast which focuses on cultural identity, belonging, and purpose in relation to guests’ intercultural stories.

Diesel and Clooney Unpack the Worl‪d‬ with Chris O'Shaughnessy, Jerry Jones

A comedic (and hopefully thought-provoking) journey to unpack relevant issues from the world of expats, global nomads, and an increasingly connected society with Chris O’Shaughnessy and Jerry Jones.

Tandem Nomads with Amel Derragui

The place to learn how to grow a successful portable business and thrive in your expat life!

Tandem Nomads is the entrepreneurship platform where expat spouses and global nomads can turn their career challenges into a successful portable business so that they can create their own sources of revenue and purpose. Listen to the inspiring stories and guidance to turn your challenges into great opportunities!

Expat Happy Hour with Sundae Bea‪n‬

Funny and heartfelt, this podcast draws on the realities of expat life to offer you smart and simple solutions so that you can quickly (and painlessly!) adapt. Be successful, find your purpose abroad and stay connected with those who mean the most.

The Global Chatter Podcast with Amanda Bates

The Black Expat podcast, the Global Chatter, is an ongoing conversation that focuses on international mobility, identity, race, career and more, especially as it relates to Black and Brown people.  Come for the commentary.  Stay for the laughs.

The Guide To Getting Your First Job Abroa‪d‬ with Sally Fletcher

This podcast is designed to help those that want to combine building a meaningful career with seeing the world. We discuss things like “Routes to Careers Abroad,” “Jobs that pay you to travel,” “How to nail a skype interview,” digital nomads, visas and global resume requirements! Perfect for people looking to work abroad for the first time. Each week we cover a different factor that you’ll need to consider when thinking about working abroad for the first time. We’ll also speak directly to someone who’s made the move and uncover their tips, tricks and what they wished they’d done differently.

Mindful Expat with Dana Nelson

Mindful Expat is a weekly podcast show designed for those living abroad to provide you with weekly guideposts for emotional wellbeing and resilience in your international life and to help you make the most of your inner and outer journeys.

The Thriving Abroad Podcast with Louise Wiles

Interviews with expats and relocation experts who share their stories, expat experiences and helpful tips and insights to help globally mobile employees and their partners transition through change and build thriving lives and careers abroad.

ReloTalk with Lindy Chapman

A candid conversation about all things real estate and relocation. Whether you are the relocation client or the professional who serves those who move, please join our conversation Live on Linkedin or enjoy previously recorded Live episodes. We hope you will be inspired as we learn from and encourage one another to thrive in our nomadic lives!

Two Fat Expats with Kirsty Rice and Nikki Moffitt

Kirsty Rice and Nikki Moffit have over twenty years of expat life experience having lived in ten countries (and given birth in six of those). They answer the curly questions on expat life and throw in the ocassional expat interview to get an insight into expat life.

The Expatability Chat with Carole Hallett Mobbs

Helping expat parents navigate the challenges of moving and living overseas with their children, with Carole Hallett Mobbs: Expat Life Mentor and Consultant

Two Chaps Many Cultures with Brett Parry and Christian Höferle

Join Brett Parry and Christian Höferle as they explore the mysteries of human behavior. No holds barred. Only straight talk about culture, human potential, and personal growth. Streaming live where possible. Taking questions from you. Including colorful and diverse voices from various corners of the world.

The Culture Guy with Christian Höferle

Welcome to The Culture Guy Podcast – this is the show dedicated to all of you who are passionate about cultures and how culture influences everything we do: The way we talk, the way we listen, the way we act or react, the way we feel and the way we see the world. This show is a place for you to connect and engage with people from around the world who care about cultural understanding, making meaningful global connections, and fostering diversity.

Cultural Differences & Cultural Diversity in International Busines‪s‬ with Chris Smit and Peter van der Lende

Cultural Matters in International Business. When you’re working internationally, you will encounter cultural differences. Dealing with those differences in a culturally competent way can be de deciding factor between success and failure. Chris Smit and Peter van der Lende will discuss business topics that will make you more culturally competent while conducting your business.

The Global Mom Show with Mary Grace Otis

THE GLOBAL MOM SHOW connects moms around the world who are seeking to live with a global vision right where they are. Whether in their home countries or abroad, moms from around the world share their experiences as expats, immigrants, aid workers, diplomats, or homebodies. We talk cultural differences, travel, educating global kids, teaching languages, bilingualism, learning, and basically anything you want.

Down to Business English: Business News to Improve your Business English with Skip Montreux, Dez Morgan, and Samantha Vega

A podcast for people who use English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) in their work environment and want to improve their overall language skills. In each episode, hosts Skip Montreux, Dez Morgan, and Samantha Vega discuss Business news making headlines around the world. Through their discussions, Skip, Dez and Samantha introduce English vocabulary & phrases related to business, review grammar, and identify cultural differences found in International business situations.

ReloWomen with Annette Walters

ReloWomen is a weekly Relocation podcast dedicated to helping trailing spouses and their families relocate well. Discover insights, resources and strategies each week that will help you navigate your relocation from decision to connecting.