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Would you like to succeed on an international level? Are you looking for new global career perspectives? Thinking of going global with your products & services? Managing diverse teams? Browse our selection of high-quality Online Courses provided by our expert eLearning partners to develop your Global Business Skills.

intercultural business communication

Intercultural Business Communication

Would you like to progress your career to an international level? Are you trying to succeed in a new job abroad? Learn all about intercultural communication and negotiation.

adapting your marketing to a global audience

International Marketing

Understand the crucial role culture plays in global marketing & sales and how it is linked to the success and failure of organisations trying to expand internationally.

crosscultural communication

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Do you wish to overcome multicultural team or leadership challenges in your organisation? Learn all about workplace diversity and inclusive leadership to thrive in a globalised world.

international career development

International Career Development

Explore how cultural diversity affects the business world and learn the importance of intercultural skills to pursue a successful international career. Get ready for the globalised work place.

eLearning country courses for intercultural communication

Country Courses

Our Country Courses will quickly teach you all aspects of a local business culture – for a more successful collaboration with your business partners, colleagues and clients around the world.

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