New Life Abroad

A new life abroad can be overwhelming and stressful. At the same time, loneliness can creep in. Negative emotions, however, can affect your confidence, self-esteem, how you perceive yourself, and your relationship with your partner/family.

But an international relocation can also prompt re-assessment. New perspectives on life sometimes make you want to change your career. A new life abroad may also be the perfect opportunity to do some self-development.

Talk To An Expat Support Coach

Talking to a support coach can help you figure out your feelings, goals and how to get there. Our expat and spouse support coaches offer many years of work experience in different roles and countries. From life coaching to spouse career development to expat family support – whatever situation you need to deal with in your new life abroad, your coach will guide you through it!

Select your target country, preferred language and topic so that we can show you profiles of matching expat and spouse support coaches.

  • Learn how to deal with culture shock

  • Apply strategies to cope with loneliness and displacement

  • Overcome the famous expat blues

  • Support your kids during a relocation

  • Career development

  • Set up a flexible business or apply for a job abroad

  • Stay on top of family and school life

  • Develop intercultural competencies
  • Don’t just survive, flourish in your new life abroad

New Life Abroad Coaching Fields

Loneliness and Displacement

When living abroad, loneliness can creep in. Reaching out to others is often not an option, either because there are no friends yet or newly made friends frequently move away. And due to the time difference friends back home may be asleep or you don’t really want to tell them, because they think you are “living the dream”.

But even expats who actually aren’t alone at all, experience a deep sense of loneliness fairly often. A support coach will help you to identify feelings of loneliness as well as self-criticism that often isn’t far away.

Expat Blues

The famous expat blues, meaning that you feel rather gloomy about living abroad, can happen to anyone any time. Share your mixed feelings of home sickness, disappointment, sadness, anger or frustration with your expat and spouse support coach and develop coping strategies that will give you back a sense of being happy and thriving.

Culture Shock

Knowing about the different phases of culture shock and how to face them is something that makes your new life abroad much more pleasant.

Share your experiences with our expat support coaches, learn more about how you are going through a personal development process.

Anxiety or Fear

In a foreign country it is not surprising at all to experience anxiety or fear. You are constantly forced to move out of your comfort zone and make yourself vulnerable in an environment full of strange things. Not speaking the local language, constantly feeling unsure about how things work and not feeling “current” can get under anyone’s skin.

Don’t lock yourself in but talk to your expat support coach about how to get through this.

Stress and Burnout

When living and working abroad, stress can build quite easily and affect all aspects of life, in particular your health and happiness. Our stress and burnout coaching for expats and spouses guides you through your everyday battles.

Confidence Building

Even the most confident people witness that after an international relocation they feel less confident. Talking to an expat and spouse support coach to boost your confidence can make a big difference, no matter if it is to negotiate your salary, a promotion, make new friends or be that role model you wish to be to your children.

Supporting Kids through Relocation

Relocating with kids adds another dimension to the challenges that expats and spouses face abroad. Your coach knows about the signs to look for when kids go through culture shock and adaptation.

Feel free to discuss anything, from homesickness to family conflicts to language learning and school problems.

Education Support

A new life abroad may be the perfect opportunity to do some self-development. This may be to overcome hurdles to be employable in your new country, wanting to change career completely or to ensure future advancement. Finding the right way is easier when supported by an expert aware of available options.

Staying Employable

Relocation is demanding and many spouses make the choice to focus on the family and/or the adventure of living abroad. However, while you may choose not to work, you can still dedicate time and energy on staying employable, through identifying transferable skills and/or areas to develop.

Career Development

A new life abroad often prompts re-assessment. New perspectives on life sometime make you want to change your career. Working with a spouse support coach allows you an evaluation, while becoming aware of your strengths and any weaknesses to work on.

Job Search for Spouses

Your spouse support coach will work with you on an action plan, discuss suitable methods for looking for a job, recommend local job sites, recruitment companies or headhunters.


Building your network when relocating to a new country is essential to finding a job, staying employable or establishing local references. Networking is hard work, so making sure it gives the intended value and return is important.

Business Setup

Are you struggling in finding employment but have a passion and a skill to share? Do you want to make sure your job is borderless? Set up a business or work as freelancer. A spouse support coach can work with you on the business plan, and help you in finding the local resources needed.

CV Editing

Making sure you have your CV adapted to the local market is essential. A spouse support coach guides and challenges you in highlighting transferable skills and finding evidence to support your strengths in the application for a specific job or career goal in your target country.

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

LinkedIn is an important recruitment site on many markets, and knowing how to network virtually is a key component in any job search. Working with a spouse support coach to get this right can make all the difference.

Job Interview Preparation

Congratulations, you have been called to an interview! Making sure you are culturally prepared helps you focus on what will make you get the job.

Work Contract Negotiation

What should a local contract include? Is the offered salary reasonable and competitive? Employment contracts differ in each country, having support from someone who knows the local practice can be a comfort and very helpful when building a career in a new country.

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