Negotiating Across Borders

You might be the most confident negotiator back home, but when entering a different culture you have to start from scratch, and often you have to work on forgetting everything you know. Your well established patterns and routines when negotiating – which reliably drive your success in your home country – might work against you in a different cultural setting. Start fresh with our new series “Negotiating Across Borders”.

culture in business

Negotiations Across Cultures - 3 Top Factors

How to successfully negotiate across cultures is one of the most important aspects of international business relations, with quite high stakes!

Negotiating in China

Negotiating In China - 3 Success Factors

The rules of negotiations in China are not always obvious if you are used to a different way. Learn more with our 3 success factors!

Negotiating in the Netherlands

Negotiating In The Netherlands - 3 Success Factors

Adjusting your negotiating skills to fit the country you are negotiating in is a key component. So check out our success factors in the Netherlands!

Negotiating in Germany

Negotiating In Germany - 3 Success Factors

Planning, punctuality, numbers and facts. These are things that come in mind when talking about the German way. See our 3 tips!

negotiating in Japan

Negotiating In Japan - 3 Success Factors

Hierarchy, respect, and karaoke, if we want to sum it up. Japanese negotiation culture is very complex. Read our tips on negotiating in Japan!

negotiating in Saudi Arabia

Negotiating In Saudi Arabia - 3 Success Factors

Knowing who to approach with what if you want to be effective, is one of the most useful skills for negotiating in Saudi Arabia. See our 3 top tips!

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