Meetings And Presentations In Romania

Meetings and presentations in Romania

Meetings are rather lengthy in Romania. This is partly due to the fact that the respective specialists from different departments report extensively.

On the other hand, rhetorically adept Romanians tend to share a wealth of ideas and information, which do not always necessarily relate to the core of the matter. Sometimes this can be due to Romanians coming relatively unprepared to meetings and improvising spontaneously.

In addition, you occasionally have debates in meetings, which can be heated, passionate and intensive. However, overall, Romanians tend to discuss things on a professional, rather than a private level.

Conduct Of A Meeting

In Romania, the conduct of a meeting varies depending on the situation and circumstances. If the matter is official, a strict protocol is followed, as, for example, mandated in government. A meeting can also be arranged at very short notice if the matter is urgent, in which case the conduct is very informal.


Romanian managers generally like to work with a detailed agenda. Meetings are thus planned in advance. However, as reality is full of surprises, it is advised to plan for a mixture of pre-determined, planned and spontaneous topics.


Punctuality is something that every Romanian aims for, but hardly ever achieves. There is a saying that: ›Punctuality is the politeness of kings, but most of us are just simple workers.‹ You should assume meetings start on time. An agreed meeting should not be postponed without offering an explanation, as the Romanian side might assume an underlying reason, which can negatively impact personal ties.

Minutes Of A Meeting

Written minutes are only drafted after meetings of a very official nature. However, it might be that, depending on the industry sector and the management level, the minutes are not circulated in order to protect, for example, trade secrets.


The job of preparing a presentation often belongs to the manager. Presentations aimed at a Romanian audience should be structured in a logical and coherent way and should be professional and fact-based. Detailed information, figures and data are most appreciated, especially in the form of graphics, as they support your statements and look professional. Your presentation documents should be structured well. A handout is a good way to provide the audience with additional information.

Anecdotes and storytelling are also appreciated during presentations, as Romanians show their feelings in business. A presentation can, thus, also entertain and create emotions. Talk about people; use appealing pictures and colours. Create a scenario that is positive to the core. As already mentioned, Romanians like the ›think big‹ approach and know, of course, that big promises are later only partly implemented. But they like to build castles in the air.

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