Master Cross-Cultural Communication When Doing Business in the Middle East

In this recorded webinar, crossculture2go Coach Renata Urban and her special guest Rose Sager, the Trade Representative at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, provide examples and practical applications of intercultural communication concepts for successfully doing business in the Middle East.
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When dealing with other countries and when doing business with other cultures, people do what they consider right (values), based on what they consider true (beliefs), using familiar actions and thought processes (norms and assumptions) having the best intentions to get the best outcome they can get — yet they fail. Cross-cultural coaching for a particular country and general intercultural awareness and competence coaching to effectively communicate with others can help you avoid pitfalls and increase your success rate of doing business across borders and cultures.

This 1h webinar focuses on intercultural communication when doing business in the Middle East. The purpose of this event in collaboration with the World Trade Centre Palm Beach was to explore culture, cultural perception, and intercultural communication in general as well as discuss examples and practical applications of concepts of intercultural communication for doing business and communicating successfully in the Middle East.

Picture of Renata Urban

Renata Urban

Growing up, living and working in different countries and with people from all over the world has had a significant impact on my cultural perceptions, the languages I speak, my understanding of cross-cultural cooperation, and who I am as a trainer today. I am a trained, certified, and experienced language teacher, intercultural coach, and communication skills trainer who is patient and resourceful, who understands your unique situation, who cares and will help you achieve your goals.

Picture of Rose Sager

Rose Sager

Rose Sager is the Trade Representative at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain who facilitates and promotes the US-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement. In this webinar, Rose shares her personal insight into doing business with the Middle East and also provides valuable background information on her native country, the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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