Living And Working Abroad

Moving to a new country and starting a job there comes with challenges. But living and working abroad is also about what you get out of it – new skills and personal growth. Be a better you, in your work and personal life as well!

starting a new job abroad living working abroad

Starting A New Job Abroad - 5 Things To Keep In Mind

What can you do to make things easier for yourself, when starting a new job, building a new life abroad?

moving abroad

Moving Abroad - 3 Strategies To Make Things Go Smoother

Moving abroad is no small matter. Here are 3 strategies to settle into your new life quicker.

learning a language and cultura competence

Language Learning And Cultural Competence - 4 Major Benefits

Language learning boosts cultural awareness, cultural intelligence, and cultural competence. The benefits are far more wide ranged than you think!


New Workplace Abroad: 5 Things To Check Out And Learn

Getting used to a new work environment is always a challenge, and if it is in a foreign country, it’s certainly something you want to be prepared for.

crosscultural living abroad

Food Around The World Is Everything

Food all around the world has its own rituals and meaning in our personal and professional lives as well.

Cultural fluency living working abroad

4 Tips How To Strengthen Your Cultural Fluency

Cultural fluency is feeling at home in the given context of a culture. Are culturally fluent already?

lving working abroad

5 Ways Living And Working Abroad Changes You

Spending time away from your home country changes you. And these changes come on many levels, from skills to personality traits even.

culture shock

The 4 Stages Of Culture Shock - Have You Experienced Them?

If we want to fully understand culture shock – and how to cope with it in a healthy way – we have to look beneath the surface.

reverse culture shock

Reverse Culture Shock - Some Tips To Help You Cope With It

Reverse culture shock isn’t such a well-known term, but that doesn’t mean people don’t experience it often.

risks abroad living working abroad

Learning How To Cope With Risks Abroad

The recent corona virus threats once again show expats that they have to learn how to deal with potential dangers, their personal perception of risk and a deep sense of insecurity.

virtual workplace

Virtual Workplace – Do It Like A Boss

Here are a few tips on how not to despair from the isolation of home office, with special attention to expats, who are far away from their home now.

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