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Crosscultural skills

In an international setting, communication and behaviour patterns may differ hugely, but in a very subtle way. With crosscultural skills or intercultural competencies, you are able to deal more effectively with partners from around the world.

Working internationally

Get some hands-on advice how to use crosscultural skills or intercultural competencies for working internationally more successfully – from communication and negotiations to sales, team building and leadership.

Living and working abroad

Moving to a new country and starting a job there comes with challenges. But living and working abroad is also about what you get out of it – new skills and personal growth. Be a better you, in your work and personal life as well!

expat spouses

Expat spouses

The happiness of expat spouses or partners is part of the overall success of any international relocation. Finding some clarity is the best way forward. This section is all about life challenges and career development for expat spouses.

Expat families

As parents moving abroad, one of your biggest worries is making sure your children are ok. From language learning to education, setteling in and staying in touch with loved ones at home – this section is for expat families abroad.

Talk to a coach

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