International Sales

Even the most experienced sales executives face unknown challenges when venturing into international markets. How people buy in one country is not always how they do it elsewhere. Therefore, adapting your proven sales techniques is the only way forward when selling products and services abroad.

To be truly successful around the world, you will have to develop a broad variety of sales strategies to match the different business cultures you are selling in. Across borders, each client or customer’s norms of doing business – from trust-building to communication style to decision-making – define the way sales are made.

Talk To A Sales Coach

Book a session with one of our experienced international sales coaches to dive deep into the cultural context of the countries you are selling in. Develop the right sales approach, equip yourself with suitable sales skills, techniques and cultural knowledge that will help you to grow in confidence and maximise your results when selling around the world.

Select your target country, preferred language and the topic “sales” so that we can show you profiles of matching international sales coaches. Choose your favourite sales coach and book your first session.

  • Develop an international sales skillset

  • Understand how well-known sales techniques play out in different countries

  • Strategically adapt selling techniques to match local expectations

  • Identify how products or services appeal to customers in a different cultural context

  • Prepare for challenging international sales negotiations

  • Develop presentation materials according to local taste

  • Check cultural specifics to create successful sales pitches

  • Clearly understand the local decision-making-process

  • Develop new sales options

  • Maximise the outcome of your sales process abroad

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