International Project Management

In international project management, cultural differences come into play particularly quickly. Mostly, questions of work organization lead to conflicts and losses.

How does the structurally thinking manager, who likes to work with precise time schedules, deadlines and milestones, collaborate with project partners who shine through their talent for improvisation and usually give everything past the deadline? What to do if one expects to be kept up-to-speed at all times, while the other one passes on information only when explicitly asked? And how should one design a meeting when highly diverse presentation styles become a real challenge for everyone?

Talk To An Expert

Book a session with one of our intercultural business experts to develop the right approach for your international project team. Equip yourself with skills and cultural knowledge to grow as a project manager and maximise your results when working with people from all over the world.

Select your target country, preferred language and the topic “project management” so that we can show you profiles of matching intercultural coaches and business experts. Choose your favourite coach and book your first session at a convenient time.

  • Develop global project management skills

  • Strategically adapt communication skills to match expectations of multinational project partners

  • Identify how project partners with different cultural backgrounds respond to management or leadership styles

  • Learn organisational skills to deal with the practicalities of any international project management

  • Check cultural specifics of mixed project teams to create the right supportive measures

  • Clearly understand the working style or decision-making-process of people from other countries

  • Maximise the outcome of international project management

  • Prepare for upcoming international project collaborations

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