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International Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is arguably the most challenging discipline in international business life because any negotiation skills that work very well in your home country might have an adverse effect in many other countries. 

To be truly successful around the world, you will have to develop a broad variety of negotiation skills to match different business cultures you are negotiating in. Across borders, each negotiation partner’s norms of doing business – from trust building to communication style to decision making – define the way negotiations are conducted.

Meet one of our experienced international negotiation coaches who know the cultural context of your target country and will guide you through any challenging international negotiation situation. Equip yourself with tools, skills and knowledge that will help you to keep in control. Grow in confidence and maximise results when negotiating in different countries around the world.

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International Negotiation Skills - Coaching Topics

Get international negotiation skills coaching to 

  • learn a fundamental international negotiation skillset

  • understand how well-known negotiation styles play out in different countries

  • adapt negotiation styles to international business situations

  • shift expectations and progress difficult international negotiations
  • prepare for challenging international business negotiations

  • create the right atmosphere for negotiations across cultures

  • solve conflicts and reach decisions

  • identify new options

  • maximise the outcome of negotiations

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