International Career Coaching

Globally-minded people are sought by many companies that expand across borders as a means of growth. International Career Coaching at crossculture2go covers the process of developing your talents and your global business skills, establishing your professional goals and advancing along a chosen career path towards promising jobs abroad or within a global company.

Whether you are graduating, looking for a career change, or have just arrived in a new country – our experienced international career coaches can help you identify your strengths and blind spots, then work with you to expand your skillset and career options. With the support of a dedicated career coach, you will achieve a lot more than on your own.

Be responsive to a quickly changing global job market. Position yourself as a compelling candidate of choice. Open the door to future jobs in specific countries and make the right decisions for an exciting global future.

  • Talk to top qualified experts and coaches
  • Professional, individual, confidential
  • Schedule a session at a time that is convenient for you
  • Connect from any device
  • Free 10-min introductory calls available
  • from $37 per 30 min

International Career Coaching - Topics

Get International Career Coaching to

  • unlock your global career potential

  • find a job in a new country

  • find the right country for your career

  • step up to a more global role

  • shape your career path

  • step off the treadmill and focus on a more exciting future
  • develop a set of global business skills

  • learn how to communicate your unique value to employers

  • understand the social codes in a new country

  • find out what local employers expect

  • learn about the local way of job hunting

Select your target country, preferred language and the topic “career development” so that we can show you profiles of matching career coaches. Choose your favourite coach and book your first session at a convenient time.