Corporate Intercultural Trainings

Are you looking for corporate intercultural trainings? Our partner firm crossculture academy delivers intercultural group trainings in many different formats, languages and within 48 hours. A pool of intercultural trainers plus 20 years of experience in the intercultural trainings market guarantee proven expertise in a wide range of intercultural programs.

Every intercultural training activity is made-to-measure, so that the intercultural trainer can focus on your topics and country-specific priorities. Following your briefing, an experienced trainings coordinator examines closely what your employees really need to be successful in their current international activities, and the trainer develops a tailor-made intercultural trainings curriculum accordingly. Even during the training the intercultural trainer can flexibly adjust, should new topics and requirements arise.

Therefore, it is guaranteed that your employees learn what they actually require for their everyday international work and challenges. To ensure that the newly gained global business knowledge can immediately be implemented, your intercultural trainer also works on strategies how to apply newly formed intercultural skills to day-to-day international business situations, e.g. negotiations, meetings or sales across borders. This increases the sustainability of a training considerably.

More often than not, questions and personal challenges arise long after a corporate training has finished. We can offer your employees targeted individual virtual support here on our coaching platform whenever and whereever they need it – for successfully doing business across borders, leading a global team with confidence, achieving business goals around the world or mastering live challenges abroad.


  • Highly qualified training experts
  • Certified trainers only
  • First-rate training services
  • Individual virtual support after the training
  • For 140+ countries
  • In several languages
  • Ready in 72h

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