How To Get Unstuck

There comes a time in global business life when you could do with an expert opinion to ensure you, your diverse team and your international collaborations get back on track. Choose the right coach by your side to turn things around.

choose the right coach
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If prospects outside your home turf hardly ever sign on the dotted line. If your multinational team’s results fall short of expectations. If managing an international project via zoom is much more challenging than you would ever have expected. Then it might be a smart move to invest in expert advice rather sooner than later to get your work, your business and your career back on track. Have someone in your corner who knows the ins-and-outs of the cultural framework you are working in, someone who can share trade secrets with you. Gain a fresh perspective, see things differently.

Where Are Your Blind Spots?

To get the most out of being coached, you need to be honest about your current struggles at work or in business. Think about any blind spots: Are you failing to notice what your international customers really want and expect from you? Are you aware of what your multicultural team members are experiencing when working together? Where do things go wrong with your project partners around the world? Do you run into similar communication problems over and over? Is your leadership really what your employees or team members currently need to be the best they can?

How To Choose The Right Coach

Working with a professional business coach is a transformational experience if you choose the right coach and the right approach for you. But how can you identify a coach who aligns with your specific challenges, aspirations and personality? Here are some ideas how to select the right coach for you when looking at the coach profiles that match your initial criteria:

  • Has a coach worked and lived in the country or countries your customers, business partners or team members are coming from?

  • Does a coach offer in-depth knowledge of your field? Who has a track record working with people in a similar position or situation?

  • What expertise has a coach demonstrated that would be most valuable to you? How does a coach position themselves?

  • Is there something in a coach’s writing about the benefits of their coaching that resonates with you? Focus on the outcomes of a coaching that is on offer.

  • Read the testimonials. What do people say about how a coach was working with them? Would you like to experience the same or are you looking for something else?

  • Do you prefer a coach who gets straight to the point, someone who challenges and stretches you? Or do you prefer someone who has a gentler approach, giving you a notch in the right direction? 

Get inspired by your coach!

Surpass limitations to achieve your goals abroad!

Once you have identified two or three coaches you are interested in, book free introductory calls to meet them before booking a session. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about who they are and how their coaching can benefit you. You are both deciding whether or not you are a great match.

Turn Things Around

Once you have found the right coach for you, be ready to turn things around! Having a coach by your side means that from now on everything will be less hard to figure out. Get unstuck, rise to the challenge, overcome roadblocks, gain confidence when working with people from around the world.

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