Global Leadership Development

Global DISC ™ supports organisations to employ a more nuanced global leadership development program, ensuring that global leaders yield the greatest return.

Global DISC Certifications

Managing across borders and cultures, navigating along  organisational structures and between interests of stakeholders and local teams: successful global leadership development is a complex challenge.

Core competencies of a global leader include intra-personal and inter-personal skills as well as intercultural competencies. Global leaders need to be highly aware of the influence of personality and culture on their own thinking and behaving – and then have the ability to go beyond that.

They need to accurately read diverse people and situations and then adapt quickly. Successful global leaders are able to always find common ground and create alignment while appreciating differing perspectives and honouring a variety of work styles.

They communicate effectively with people from various cultural backgrounds, flexibly lead teams with differing expectations about leadership, and motivate successfully any personality. Each day a global leader must be able to make a diverse group of people work, grow and change together.

"Global Disc™ is a powerful tool for intelligent leaders to leverage personal and cultural differences for competitive advantage, to enable trust and to build high-performing teams at home and globally."

Global DISC

How To Optimise The Global Leadership Development

In global leadership development programs, Global DISC ™ corporate solution provides an added dimension, developing employees’ effectiveness in a culturally diverse business environment.

Cultural Intelligence

Global DISC ™ supports leaders who work with diverse teams. The portfolio of reports provides many tips and strategies on how to communicate and collaborate with people of different cultural backgrounds and personality types. Leaders quickly understand the needs and priorities of their diverse team members. Successful leaders develop a high level of cultural intelligence, which equals their ability to manage and serve people from different cultural backgrounds.

Personal Awareness

The Individual Global DISC ™ Report deepens self-awareness. Leaders gain insight into their preferences and tendencies when leading others based on their personality type and cultural background. They understand how their tendencies influence their behvaiour in specific global leadership situations. They also learn more about relating to others and receive actionable strategies to improve their interactions when leading diverse teams or collaborating with stakeholders.

Mindset & Cultural Gaps

Global DISC ™ Group Reports provide leaders with their team’s cognitive diversity index and reveal their blind spots. The more significant a gap, the more potential a leader has to turn differences into synergy after suitable team coaching and training.

Transparence & Psychological Safety

The Global DISC ™ Fast Teaming Passport shows leaders and their teams each team member’s personal and cultural preferences when working together. The goal is to reduce assumptions, misunderstandings and significantly improve communication and psychological safety within the team.

Onboarding Of New Team Members

By letting future team members take the Global DISC ™ assessment prior to their arrival, the team-building process can be profoundly facilitated. Leaders can adjust their leadership effectively from day one and prepare their team to appreciate the incoming skills.

Global DISC ™ supports organisations to employ a more nuanced global leadership development program, ensuring that global leaders yield the greatest return. With more than 20 years of experience in crosscultural business and our global network of vetted trainers, coaches and consultants, we can provide you with a full-service implementation of Global DISC Corporate Solution plus individual coaching and training on demand. Make your company a winner in the global marketplace!