Global DISC Individual Assessment

Global DISC ™, a multi-award-winning assessment and development tool, explains how personality type AND cultural background influence people in global business.

In global business, it’s two things that determine your level of success:

  • your ability to make sense of why people think, behave and feel differently
  • your skills to turn those differences into synergy

From leadership and team performance to sales and customer service, everything is based on the same concept: understanding what drives the other person, what they expect so you can present your message in a way that motivates them to take action.

Global DISC ™ reveals your underlying values and needs that drive your behaviour and influence the way you see the world and others.

  • Complete the Global DISC ™ assessment in just 5 minutes
  • Get your personal report and learn everything about yourself when doing business globally
  • Understand how your global business partners, colleagues and customers behave and think
  • 42-page report including built-in online course using augmented reality
  • $125

"Global Disc™ is a powerful tool for intelligent leaders to leverage personal and cultural differences for competitive advantage, to enable trust and to build high-performing teams at home and globally."

John Mattone, The #1 Authority On Intelligent Leadership And The World's Top Executive Coach, Steve Job's Former Coach

Global DISC ™ has been used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, universities and global businesses in 27 countries.

What Is Included In Your Global DISC ™ Report?

The Global DISC ™ assessment report helps you bridge the gap between your intention and your actual impact on others. Get your personal report and find out where your communication and culture differences are when it comes to working and/or living abroad.

Your individual report shows your preferences based on cultural orientation and personality type.

The Global DISC ™ report addresses all 3 layers of identity:

Level 1 – WHAT we do and say: this is based on the standard DISC and visible behaviour.

Level 2 – HOW we behave and communicate: this is where we have introduced the 5 Global DISC ™ dimensions.

Level 3 – WHY we behave the way we do: this is where we reveal the underlying values and drivers.

Download A Free Global DISC ™ Sample Report

John Mattone, The World’s Top Executive Coach, Steve Job’s Former Coach,  introduces Global DISC.

“Diversity is the greatest asset or liability. Ignoring their cultural and personal differences in a multicultural world destroys performance, leveraging them makes organisations profitable and sustainable. Solutions created before globalisation are not designed to address the people challenges of the 21st century, that is what Global DISC™ was created for. It is the ideal solution to create an inclusive environment supported by measurable and repeatable results."

Robert Cubbage, Ernst & Young Partner

Have A Coach By Your Side!

Go beyond the simple knowledge of average national traits and apply the blueprint of why people think and behave so differently.

In a personal debrief session our Global DISC ™ Coaches are happy to help you get the most out of your report by applying your results to your individual situation. Develop the skills to turn differences into synergy and successful collaboration instead of painful liability and misunderstandings.

Global DISC™ multinational virtual teams working internationally

“People around the world are socialized into a certain preferred way of behaving and the Global DISC ™ model explains why. It is a practical framework based on the most researched cross-cultural models to explain how national, cultural values and beliefs shape our behavior. This is the ideal tool in today’s fast-paced, globalized world where the new generation of business people and leaders need to be culturally intelligent and adaptable without being experts in 100s of different cultures. The more you understand people, the better rapport you will have with them which ultimately guarantees better interpersonal results.”

Dr Tony Alessandra, Author of The Platinum Rule and The New Art Of Managing People, Hall Of Fame Keynote Speaker, TOP50 Marketing Expert In The World