Global DISC™ Certification
Global DISC™ multinational virtual teams working internationally

Global DISC™ Certification For Coaches, Trainers & Consultants

Having been in the international consulting and training business for almost 20 years, we at crossculture2go know that becoming certified for a solution is only the first step. The second step is implementing this solution, learning how to get the most value out of it, how to plug it into your existing offers so that you can serve your clients in the best possible way.

That’s why we are dedicated to help you implement Global DISC™. Benefit from new programs and marketing support to make your coaching, training or consulting business thrive. Here are our Global DISC™ Certification options for coaches, trainers and consultants:

Global DISC™ Licensed Partner – ICF Accredited Certification

  • The rights to sell Global DISC™
  • The complete Global DISC™ Training Material (templates, workshop materials, best practices)
  • GDPR compliant encrypted online portal
  • 40% discount on Global DISC™ assessments
  • Global DISC Quest™ interactive coaching program
  • Unlimited comparison and group reports
  • No royalty or annual fee
  • 20 Global DISC™ credits
  • 20 Global DISC Quest™ credits
  • 18 ICF CCE points
  • "Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times" e-book

Business Development:

  • Exclusive pricing for Fable+ to measure and visualise psychological safety
  • A crossculture2go Preferred Coach Membership with community access and live-events
  • Mentoring & Meetups


  • 3 x 4h live online session
  • $1770 (+VAT in Germany)

Interested in finding out more about this option? Contact us, we’re happy to answer your questions!

Global DISC™ –  Reinvent Your Coaching Business

In addition to everything you get with the Global DISC™ Certification as a Licensed Partner, you will be able to join a Mastermind Group and work even more closely with us on your individual business development. We‘ll cover topics like how to position yourself, how to craft your message for your target group and make yourself as a brand stand out, and how to market and sell your services so that you can serve your clients in the best way possible. Get the Global DISC™ Certification and make your business thrive.

  • The guidance of a Mastermind Group for individual support and accountability
  • The alliance of an Established Powerhouse Team that provides you with the Marketing & Sales Support to make your individual business stand out
  • The Knowledge & Strategies required to operate a durable, profitable coaching and consulting business that caters to global companies, teams and individuals

The “Reinvent Your Coaching Business” program is only available a few times per year. You can either register for our next Preview Event or contact us for more information.

“People around the world are socialized into a certain preferred way of behaving and the Global DISC™ model explains why. It is a practical framework based on the most researched cross-cultural models to explain how national, cultural values and beliefs shape our behavior. This is the ideal tool in today’s fast-paced, globalized world where the new generation of business people and leaders need to be culturally intelligent and adaptable without being experts in 100s of different cultures. The more you understand people, the better rapport you will have with them which ultimately guarantees better interpersonal results.”

Dr Tony Alessandra, Author of The Platinum Rule and The New Art Of Managing People, Hall Of Fame Keynote Speaker, TOP50 Marketing Expert In The World