Global DISC Certification

for HR Professionals

Our certification package for HR professionals offers you all the Global DISC™ benefits and support you need to develop the international workforce of your organisation in the most effective and hands-on way.

Global DISC

Are you an HR Professional who wants to work with Global DISC ™ to unlock people potential, boost team performance, and improve corporate culture? Then there are two ways we can help you:

1 – We work directly with you and help you achieve your organisational goals. Please go to Global DISC Corporate Solution

2 – We certify you to become a Global DISC Practitioner in your organisation

If you are looking for an accreditation process, our Global DISC Certification package to help you understand and apply the Global DISC ™ model is a powerful addition to your qualifications as an HR professional.
When it comes to team building, leadership & talent development or onboarding of new employees, you want to have a solution at hand that is based on profound 21st-century research and at the same time affordable and easy to handle.
Global DISC Mastertrainer

“Diversity is the greatest asset or liability. Ignoring their cultural and personal differences in a multicultural world destroys performance, leveraging them makes organisations profitable and sustainable. Solutions created before globalisation are not designed to address the people challenges of the 21st century, that is what Global DISC ™ was created for. It is the ideal solution to create an inclusive environment supported by measurable and repeatable results."