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Global DISC™ Assessment + Debrief

Personality determines how we want to behave, culture determines how we should behave. The Global DISC™ Assessment + Debrief enables you to see any situation from multiple perspectives and to flex your behaviour in international business.

Global DISC™ is a multi- award-winning behavioural model explaining how personality type AND cultural background influence all three layers of our identity, what, how and why we do act, feel and think the way we do. It introduces the topic of Cultural Intelligence in global business using the language of the most widely used behavioural model, DISC.

After taking the 5-min assessment, one of our licensed Global DISC™ Coaches will discuss and explain your 42-page report, which also includes a 40-minute online course built in using augmented reality technology. Find out how you and others tick in global business and develop the necessary global skillset to be successful in any country.

  • Global DISC™ assessment
  • 42-page report
  • Built-in online course using augmented reality
  • 90-min debrief with a licensed Global DISC™ Coach
  • Select your Coach and book a suitable time slot
  • Free 10-min introductory calls available
  • $247

Global DISC™ Coaching Topics

Our Global DISC™ Coaches help you to go beyond the simple knowledge of average national traits and apply the blueprint of why people think and behave so differently. Develop the skills to turn differences into synergy instead of painful liability:

  • understand how and why people act differently
  • understand how you tick in global business
  • bridge the gap between your intention and your actual impact on others
  • develop cultural intelligence
  • develop a global skillset
  • improve your leadership
  • work effectively across borders
  • maintain good business relationships around the world
  • successfully lead a diverse, multi-cultural workforce
  • achieve continuous high-performance results
  • deal with workplace dynamics
Global DISC