Global Business English

Do you communicate with clients, suppliers and colleagues all over the world? Is your level of English high, but you still would like to deliver your message more impactful while at the same time struggling to fully understand some of your many international business partners?

While excellent English skills always come in handy when doing business internationally, cross-cultural skills are equally important to communicate clearly and to truly understand what is being said. This is what we at crossculture2go like to call Global Business English.

Talk To A Business English Coach

Your experienced Business English Coach shows you how to talk confidently and effectively with people all over the world, whether online or in-person, English native or non-native speakers. Develop cross-cultural communication skills so that any international business partner or work colleague can understand you unmistakably while you are able to interpret their key message correctly. Learn when to read between the lines and when to express yourself more boldly, use a culturally adapted Global Business English wherever you go!

Select your target country, preferred language and the topic “Global Business English” so that we can show you profiles of matching Business English coaches. Choose your favourite language coach and book your first session at a convenient time.

  • Increase your level of today’s Business English, e.g. learn typical business phrases and understand native speakers better

  • Present yourself more confidently

  • Write professional emails, letters or reports

  • Learn how to navigate between many different cultures in an English-speaking global business environment

  • Prevent costly misunderstandings

  • Refine messages when leading multicultural teams or projects

  • Prepare for conferences, presentations and negotiations in English

  • Fully express yourself in English, gain influence and connect with your international audience

  • Prepare for a new job in an English-speaking global company

Global Business English Knowledge

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