Get A Global DISC Certification This Summer: The Must-Have For Coaches And Trainers Who Work With International Clients

A Global DISC certification not only equips you with the ability to accurately identify personality, culture, and communication gaps between people and target countries, but it also allows you to bridge these gaps, leading to rapid competency development and more successful outcomes in international business.
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As a globally-minded coach or trainer, you know how important it is to effectively communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds. You also know that many intercultural models you might work with right now are quite outdated, and that the traditional DISC model, which measures four personality styles (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance), is not enough to capture the nuances and complexities of cross-cultural interactions. That’s why you might need to get a Global DISC certification, which is based on the well-established DISC model but incorporates the dimensions of cultural intelligence and cognitive diversity far beyond any intercultural model.

In this article, we will explain what Global DISC is, how it can be used, and why you should get a Global DISC certification to boost your coaching or training business.

What Is Global DISC?

Global DISC is an ICF accredited, multi-award-winning assessment solution that leverages individual and group mindset. It combines and seamlessly incorporates the most widely used behavioural model, DISC, with the most researched intercultural frameworks to create a practical application suitable for our globalised world.

Global DISC measures individual preferences based on cultural orientation and personality type. It introduces the topic of cultural intelligence using the language of DISC and explains WHAT, HOW and WHY people think and behave so differently, and how to turn their diversity into synergy.

In other words, Global DISC accurately identifies personality, culture and communication gaps between people and target countries. Furthermore, Global DISC helps to bridge these gaps which leads to a rapid development of international competencies and more successful outcomes in international business – either while working locally with people from abroad or globally with business partners in their respective countries.

What Is The Difference Between The Standard DISC Personality Model and Global DISC?

The standard DISC is a widely used behavioural assessment tool that categorises individuals into four primary behavioural types – Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious. DISC has proven to be valuable in enhancing team communication and collaboration within domestic markets. However, it may fall short when it comes to global markets.

Global DISC, on the other hand, takes DISC to the next level by incorporating cultural differences in communication styles and behaviour. It recognises that cultural backgrounds influence how people communicate and behave in different situations. Global DISC helps individuals understand and appreciate the cultural differences that exist between themselves and others, providing a framework for cross-cultural communication.

When expanding into foreign markets, companies encounter various communication challenges that can impede their ability to connect with potential customers and business partners. These challenges may include language barriers, differences in communication styles, cultural values, and behavioural patterns. Global DISC provides a solution for these challenges by helping teams identify and adapt to the cultural preferences of their counterparts.

How Can Global DISC Be Used?

Global DISC is particularly suitable for multicultural team development, global sales & customer support teams, international assignments and for global leadership development:

    • Improving communication and teamwork by understanding how different personality styles and cultural preferences influence behaviour, thinking and expectations.
    • Building stronger relationships by learning how to adapt to different situations and people.
    • Developing leadership skills by learning how to flex the personal leadership style and guide people from different cultural backgrounds.
    • Enhancing personal growth by increasing self-awareness, emotional and cultural intelligence.
    • Creating more productive workplaces by fostering a culture of inclusion and collaboration.
    • Increasing awareness and alignment since individuals become more self-aware of their own communication styles and cultural biases. Global DISC fosters creating a shared framework for communication and collaboration.
    • Enabling sales and service teams to align their behaviours and strategies with the expectations and cultural norms of their target countries or markets.
    • Mitigating conflicts and leveraging diversity as a competitive advantage in the global market.

    fields of application For Global DISC Include:

    • International Assignments: Global DISC supports organisations to develop more nuanced candidate selection practices, ensuring that employees yield the greatest return on investment for a given international assignment.
    • Sales & Customer Service: In international sales & customer service teams, Global DISC develops global competencies and effectiveness when selling in foreign markets.
    • Diverse Team Development: Companies recruit the best talent worldwide but are often struggling to make their diverse teams work well together. Measure the deeper layers of diversity that are making or breaking a team.
    • Diversity & Incusion: With Global DISC corporate solution you can visualise an organisation’s cognitive diversity, the perfect basis for a successful diversity & inclusion development program.
    • Global Leadership Development: Managing across borders and cultures, navigating along organisational structures and between interests of stakeholders and local teams: successful global leadership development is a complex challenge.
    • Change Management: Globalisation is leading organisations and companies into cross-border mergers and acquisitions. To prosper in the global market, change management is a constant task.

    What Is Shown In The Global DISC Reports?

    Global DISC provides personalised reports, country-comparison reports, team reports, and more.

    A detailed, individual Global DISC report helps your staff to identify their own personal international challenges. Team leaders receive clear group reports as a starting point for further team development.

    Because Global DISC takes into account both, the individual personality of the participant and the specific communication patterns in other countries, it reports are far more effective than the common cultural comparisons.

    You can download a Global DISC sample report here.

    Why Get A Global DISC Certification?

    Getting a Global DISC certification will enable you to offer your clients the full spectrum of the Global DISC personality and culture profiles. You will be able to provide them with valuable insights and feedback that will help them improve their performance in global business settings.

    By getting a Global DISC certification with us, you will:

      • Gain confidence and competence to implement Global DISC assessments in any training, coaching or organisational development scenario in the international workplace.
      • Get access to the complete Global DISC training material (templates, workshop materials, best practices), as well as a GDPR compliant encrypted online portal to manage assessments and reports.
      • Enjoy a 40% discount on Global DISC assessments for clients.
      • Earn 18 ICF CCE points.
      • Join a network of certified Global DISC practitioners who share best practices and support each other.

      With Global DISC, you can cater to a diverse range of clients, including individuals, teams, and organisations. This versatile assessment tool allows you to address various coaching and training objectives, such as improving intcultural communication, strengthening global leadership capabilities, and enhancing diverse team dynamics.

      Is A Global DISC Certification Worth It?

      If you are seeking to enhance your professional repertoire and provide your clients with a transformative experience, a Global DISC Certification is undoubtedly worth pursuing. This prestigious certification offers a wide range of benefits that can significantly elevate your coaching or training practice and open doors to boundless opportunities.

      First and foremost, a Global DISC Certification equips you with a powerful tool for understanding human behaviour in a global business context. Recognised worldwide, Global DISC assessments provide valuable insights into individuals’ patterns, cultural and communication preferences, as well as motivations.

      Secondly, with a Global DISC Certification, you’ll gain exclusive access to a wealth of training material, templates, and best practices. These invaluable resources ensure that you have everything you need to deliver impactful coaching sessions or trainings. Seamlessly integrate Global DISC into your coaching or training practice and empower individuals to uncover their strengths and navigate challenges in a globalised business world.

      Highlighting the personality, cultural, and communication gaps that exist between team members, leaders, or individuals from different countries on the Global DISC scales, creates a compelling case for your coaching and training services, as clients recognise the value in addressing these gaps to achieve their goals. By offering targeted interventions, you demonstrate the relevance of your services to clients seeking to improve their global effectiveness.

      How Can Global DISC Boost The Marketability Of Your Regular Coaching Or Training services?

      Global DISC can enhance the marketability of your coaching and training services. Highlighting the personality, cultural, and communication gaps that exist between team members, leaders, or individuals from different countries, brings to light the need for improvement and professional development. Showing the gaps on the scales in the Global DISC reports, can create a compelling case for your services, as clients recognise the value in addressing these gaps to achieve their goals. Tailor your coaching and training solutions to address these very specific challenges. By offering targeted interventions, you demonstrate the relevance of your services to clients seeking to improve their global effectiveness.

      In the competitive coaching and training industry, a Global DISC Certification sets you apart. As the demand for personal and professional development rises, organisations and individuals actively seek coaches and trainers with specialised certifications and international expertise. By obtaining a Global DISC Certification, you position yourself as a highly skilled professional capable of delivering exceptional value to your clients with demanding international business relations.

      What Are Further Benefits Of A Global DISC Certification?

      A significant benefit of a Global DISC Certification is the access to a robust community of practitioners. Engage with fellow coaches and trainers, network, collaborate, and continue learning. Share insights, experiences, and stay up-to-date with industry trends. This supportive community offers mentorship, continuous growth, and accountability, keeping you at the forefront of coaching and training excellence.

      As a certified Global DISC practitioner, you’ll also enjoy tangible benefits such as exclusive pricing, free credits and marketing materials to get started. These perks enhance your coaching or training toolkit and showcase the certification program’s commitment to supporting your success.

      Additionally, earning 18 ICF CCE points through the Global DISC Certification showcases your professional development and establishes you as a highly qualified coach.

      To sum up, a Global DISC Certification is an invaluable investment for coaches and trainers seeking to excel in their practice. Unlock boundless opportunities, access a wealth of resources, and join a thriving community of practitioners. Stay ahead of the competition, enjoy tangible benefits, and expand the scope of your coaching or training practice. Embrace the transformative power of a Global DISC Certification and embark on a journey of business growth today.

      Click here to learn more on how to get a Global DISC certification this summer.

      Why Coaches And Team Leaders Choose A Global DISC Certification

      “I'm happy to share that I've obtained the Global DISC Certification. Thank you for walking me through this powerful assessment tool that helps people understand what, how and why they behave and communicate. I am thoroughly looking forward to bringing this cost-effective, practical tool to my clients as they aim to improve psychological safety, inclusion and communication within the workplace.”
      Chantelle Turner
      Pharmacist Coach, Australia
      "The fact that you can compare yourself and your communication patterns with other people and cultures is really helpful. It's not about generalized cultural comparisons, but about yourself, your personal challenges, and above all the potential you have when working with customers and colleagues. The assessments can be carried out without much effort. I can therefore only recommend Global DISC to anyone working internationally."
      Constantin Sponagel
      Team Manager OD Germany

      The Global DISC certification not only enhances your professional credibility but also expands your marketability, provides access to a supportive community, and enables you to deliver transformative experiences. So harness the power of Global DISC to deliver tailored coaching interventions and workshops that drive sustainable change and foster personal and professional growth.

      Can A Global DISC Certification Help Me Change Career?

      A Global DISC trainer certification can open up new professional opportunities for you. You can work as an independent trainer, conduct trainings and workshops for training institutes, or be employed as an internal trainer in organisations and companies. DISC analyses and trainings are in demand in various fields and industries, including personnel development, leadership development, teamwork, sales, and customer service. Global DISC adds the international dimension which is attractive to many employers with international operations.


      A Global DISC certification is more than just a credential. It is a way of expanding your horizons and unlocking your potential as a coach or trainer who works with clients in an international setting. By gaining expertise in this comprehensive assessment tool, you equip yourself with the knowledge and resources to excel in your new coaching or training practice.


      Is A Global DISC Certification Suitable For HR Professionals?

      By obtaining the Global DISC certification, you enhance your qualifications as an HR professional and gain a powerful tool for team building, leadership and talent development, and employee onboarding. Our special Global DISC certification offer for HR professionals is designed to ensure that you can confidently implement the entire Global DISC framework in your organisation.

      With Global DISC, you can effectively analyse individual behaviours, leverage diversity, foster effective communication, and create a positive organisational culture. It equips you with the tools and insights needed to address the unique challenges of team dynamics, leadership development, and successful onboarding of new employees.

      Investing in a Global DISC certification empowers you to make a significant impact on your organisation’s success by optimising people potential, driving performance, and cultivating a thriving corporate environment.


      Don’t miss this opportunity to take your career or business to the next level. Register your interest today and get your Global DISC certification this summer! Available dates will be confirmed shortly.

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