Doing business in Germany

A paramount point in the German business culture is task-orientation. The business matter is central and even determines the style of communication. Popov

This is the main reason for the German communication style being so upfront and direct, some may even perceive it as blunt. 

While doing business in Germany, it is crucial to be able to distinguish between personal critique and critique of the matter. If someone criticizes your work, it does not mean they have something against you, it just means that they are being honest and accurate. And honesty as well as accuracy is a trait that the Germans are proud of.

Organization and planning

In order to work in a precise, accurate manner, there is a need for some organization. A structure as well as a strict agenda for different processes are key. Therefore, many Germans are not big on taking risks when it comes to business. This results in them highly relying on numbers and facts. If the stats are correct, then everything is possible, because Germans are always about planning in detail for the future.

In order to do this efficiently, every single factor that could play into a decision has to be taken up for consideration. 

Discipline and conscientiousness

Discipline and conscientiousness are key German virtues that will be encountered whenever doing business with Germans, because only “the best” will “win”. This is why numbers and facts are decisive in business dealings with Germans. Before making a final decision, the backdrop of the problem as well as the course of action must be elucidated. Germans always want to know exactly what they’re dealing with.

Last but not least: The German punctuality

Yes, punctuality is an important part of German business life. Being unpunctual is frowned upon quite heavily. Time is important, so it is not a good idea to be guilty of stealing anyone’s time.

To play by the German rule book, understand the peculiarities of the German business culture first. And things will be so much easier to understand.

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