expat spouses
expat spouses

Expat Spouses/Partners

The happiness of expat spouses or partners is part of the overall success of any international relocation. Finding some clarity is the best way forward. This section is all about life challenges and career development opportunities for expat spouses and partners.

trailing spouse expat relocation

The trailing spouse

Your happiness and fulfillment are integral components to the overall success of your family’s relocation.

career development expat spouses

Career development for expat spouses - 7 things to consider

If your career development is important to you, then there are a few things to consider before and after the big move.

Business Skills Coach living working abroad

Struggles of Expat life

We have asked our expat and spouse support coaches about the most common challenges and struggles of expat life. Here is what they said.

risks abroad living working abroad

Learning how to cope with risks abroad

The recent corona virus threats once again show expats that they have to learn how to deal with potential dangers, their personal perception of risk and a deep sense of insecurity.

Burn-out versus bore-out: two sides of shared expat life

The gap between an overburdened expat and an underchallenged accompanying spouse gets wider quickly. Finding a balance is essential for both.

male trailing spouse

The male trailing spouse

There still seems to be some kind of ignorance-based silence around the topic of the male trailing spouse or accompanying partner.

culture shock

The 4 stages of culture shock - have you experienced them?

If we want to fully understand culture shock – and how to cope with it in a healthy way – we have to look beneath the surface.

reverse culture shock

Reverse culture shock - some tips to help you cope with it

Reverse culture shock isn’t such a well-known term, but that doesn’t mean people don’t experience it often.

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