Expat Families

As parents moving abroad, one of your biggest worries is making sure your children are ok. From language learning to education, setteling in and staying in touch with loved ones at home – this section is for expat families abroad.

relocating with children

Relocating with children

Kids are funny – they hate change and yet they are generally much more flexible and adaptable than adults when it really comes down to it!

third culture kids TCKs

How to raise a Third Culture Kid - Before the move (part 1)

Tips for expat families raising TCKs abroad.

third culture kids TCKs

How to raise a Third Culture Kid - Right after the move (part 2)

Tips for expat families raising TCKs abroad.

5 questions to ask your university-aged TCK

Your university-aged Third Culture Kid (TCK) may need a little extra guidance more than ever before in their “gone from the nest” adult status.

raising bilingual children

5 tips for raising bilingual children

One of the biggest challenges for expat families that just moved to a new country is helping the kids to learn the language.

How to deal with cultural differences in education

In a local school, expat families may experience a wide array of cultural differences.

expat parents

Know your parents at home are safe

If your parents – or even a parent living alone – are largely on their own, it makes a big difference whether you live five or 5,000 kilometres away.

expat grandparents expat children

Expat children and their grandparents back home

For many expat families, grandparents are a fixed point of reference in their homeland.

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