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Get Ready For Your Future Global Leadership Role: Assessment + 42-page Individual Report + 60min Expert Consultation

In todays‘ interconnected global business world, leadership is more complex than ever. Since no business environment is local anymore, you will collaborate with people who have different personal, cultural, and organizational understandings even if you don’t live and work abroad. And there will be the expectation that you already understand the unwritten rules of doing business across cultures. Bridge the gaps that could limit your ability to thrive in your dream leadership role.

Johannes Klemeyer, CEO crossculture2go

As a leader, there are two things that determine your level of success:

  • your ability to make sense of why people think, behave and feel differently
  • your skills to turn those differences into synergy

In our session, we focus on you and your role as a leader in a global environment. Using the award-winning assessment tool Global DISC™ we will

  • Enable you to see any situation from multiple perspectives and to flex your behaviour in international business
  • Take a close look at how personality type AND cultural background influence all 3 layers of identity, WHAT, HOW and WHY people around the world behave, feel and think so differently
  • Go beyond the simple knowledge of average national traits and apply the blueprint of why people think and behave so differently
  • Get the most out of your personal report by applying your results to your individual situation

Develop the leadership skills to turn differences into synergy and successful collaboration instead of painful liability and misunderstandings!

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