Diverse Team Development

Global DISC ™ supports organisations to develop more nuanced diverse team development practices, ensuring that diverse teams achieve the greatest performance.

Global DISC For Corporates

Research in diverse team development shows that teams with higher levels of diversity perform better than more homogeneous teams. This is because diverse team members understand a more comprehensive range of contexts and access diverse knowledge and experiences. Therefore, they bring many different ways of thinking and problem-solving to the table.

However, diverse teams also face several challenges caused by personal and cultural differences. People from various cultural groups think, behave and work in such different ways that it can cause stress, conflicts, and disengagement.

Diversity can quickly turn into a liability if the challenges of working across personalities, borders, cultures, and languages are not addressed. Only if diverse teams overcome personality differences and cultural backgrounds – which directly affect communication, work style, trust and relationship building, understanding of processes, hierarchies and management styles – will they find their way of working together smoothly and reap the benefits of their diversity.

If all sides stick to their accustomed way of working though, a diverse team’s results will fall short of expectations while tensions rise. This is why a successful diverse team development is most beneficial to any company in the global marketplace.

"Global Disc™ is a powerful tool for intelligent leaders to leverage personal and cultural differences for competitive advantage, to enable trust and to build high-performing teams at home and globally."

Global DISC

How To Optimise The Diverse Team Development

In today’s globalised business world, companies recruit the best talent worldwide but are often struggling to make their diverse teams work well together. With Global DISC ™ corporate solution you can measure a team’s cognitive diversity, the deeper layers of diversity that are making or breaking a team.

Cultural Intelligence

The Global DISC ™ assessment and development tool introduces cultural intelligence. Cultural intelligence is all about changing perspectives, to understand the logic of why people think and act differently. Culturally intelligent team members are leveraging differences to find new ways of working together and solving problems, which significantly increases engagement and the overall outcome. This is diverse team development at its best.

Personal Awareness

Each team member receives an Individual Report to deepen self-awareness. Team members gain insight into their preferences and tendencies at work based on their personality type and cultural background. They learn more about relating to others and receive actionable strategies to improve their interactions when working within diverse teams.

Mindset & Cultural Gaps

Global DISC ™ Group Reports show a team’s cognitive diversity index and reveal their blind spots. The more significant a gap, the more potential a diverse team has for success or failure, depending on how they turn differences into synergy after team coaching and training.

Transparency & Psychological Safety

Within the diverse team development process, team members can be provided with a Global DISC ™ Fast Teaming Passport, showing each team member’s personal and cultural preferences when working together. The goal is to reduce assumptions, misunderstandings and significantly improve communication and psychological safety within the team.

Improved Team Leadership

Global DISC ™ supports leaders who work with diverse teams. Leaders quickly understand the needs and priorities of their diverse team members while being aware of their tendencies and values when leading others. Successful leaders develop a high level of cultural intelligence, which equals their ability to manage and serve people from different cultural backgrounds.

Onboarding New Team Members

By letting future team members take the Global DISC ™ assessment prior to their arrival, the team building process can be profoundly facilitated. Colleagues can adjust to work effectively with the new co-worker from day one and will appreciate incoming skills more.

Global DISC ™ supports organisations to develop more nuanced diverse team development practices, ensuring that diverse teams achieve the greatest performance. With more than 20 years of experience in crosscultural business and our global network of vetted trainers, coaches and consultants, we can provide you with a full-service implementation of Global DISC Corporate Solution plus individual coaching and training on demand. Make your company a winner in the global marketplace!