Doing Business In The Czech Republic

The most important rule when dealing with Czech business partners is to be aware of the state of the personal relationship at all times.

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A good personal relationship with a business partner always counts for much more than a joint project. In order to establish a stable personal relationship, it is necessary to invest a lot of time in small talk and mutual exchanges.

This includes divulging private and personal information – right from the outset. Inquire about family, hobbies and personal interests. Take every opportunity to bring small gifts with you. Knowledge of the national language or Czech culture will also bring you important advantages.

Negotiations Are Personal

In Czech business culture, business and personal roles cannot really be separated. In a conflict situation, it is therefore important to ensure that the atmosphere between all participants is as harmonious as possible, before problems are addressed directly and conflicts can be settled openly. Likewise, if negotiations are deadlocked, they can only be revived if the relationship is cultivated and nurtured with a lot of personal exchange before returning to the negotiating table. It is important to repeatedly highlight the possible advantages for both sides in order to maintain the positive atmosphere at every stage of the negotiation.

Working Relationship-Oriented

The same can be said of project collaboration. To develop and evaluate a project on a factual basis is never enough. In the Czech Republic, partnerships are only successful when a good, long-term business relationship has already been established. Here, too, it is clear what the priorities are. Mutual trust outweighs mere figures by far. Collaboration must therefore be personalized in order to achieve joint goals.

Learn more about Czech business culture in order to build and maintain healthy business relationships. It is the only way forward to be successful when doing business in the Czech Republic.

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