Culture Shock Coaching

Culture shock is more than simply being unfamiliar with how things work around you in a new country. And contrary to how it often gets illustrated, culture shock does not necessarily occur right away after moving abroad. It can take several months to develop, and it can surprise you in many ways.

The lowest point of culture shock usually occurs when all those seemingly minor misunderstandings, miscommunications and daily life challenges have built up. With the end of the honeymoon phase, when everything was still new and exciting, you might experience fatigue, sudden longing and homesickness. This is the stage during which dealing with culture shock is the most difficult and depression is most common.

Talk to our experienced coaches to learn all about dealing with culture shock. Get through the hardest part quicker and reach the stage of acceptance and adaptation sooner. Knowing about your phase of culture shock and how to move on is something that makes your life abroad much more pleasant.

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Culture Shock Coaching - Topics

Get Culture Shock Coaching to

  • clearly identify cultural differences between your home country and your host country
  • learn about the different stages of culture shock and how to deal with them
  • learn strategies to reduce overwhelm and adapt quicker
  • learn strategies to adjust your emotions
  • develop situation-specific solutions that help you see things differently

  • develop a set of basic intercultural competencies to communicate with ease
  • learn how to navigate in your new environment
  • flourish in your new culture

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