crossculture2go Coach Community Events 2021

Summer Break until end of August

MasterMind Pilot Program

Interactive Workshops with Lisa Patti & Johannes Klemeyer

One thing we often hear from our coaches and trainers all over the world is that they love what they do, but they could use a sounding board. Someone to strategize with or even hold them accountable. This is why we have decided to launch our first ever Mastermind Group.

Our first group will act as a pilot program. Just like in the startup world, we want to know what problems need to be solved for us as coaches and how can we help each other solve them? This is where we come to share.

The format will be friendly.

  • We will meet once a week for 4 weeks.
  • The first week will focus on getting to know each other and setting initial goals.
  • Each week we will review our goals.
  • During each meeting, one coach or trainer will have the “hot seat” to bring their questions, struggles and ask advice to the group to help them solve what they are currently working on.
  • There will be another round of goal setting if there need to be updates.
  • The first group is limited to 3-4 participants.
  • Since this group is highly interactive, we must keep capacity limited to ensure everyone’s voice can be heard.


  • Tuesdays 10AM EDT / 4PM CEST
  • July 6, 13, 20, 27
  • $40 (pilot program special offer)


Interactive Workshop with Fabia Barbieri

Do you know how to develop your personal brand? As a coach, your services are very much about you and your own unique story. You also need to communicate that value to the people you serve. If you can’t identify clearly who you are, what you do and how to communicate that, then you are not reaching your target audience in the way you need to grow. 

In this 60-min workshop with Fabia Barbieri, you will get tips and take-aways so you can learn to develop and share your personal brand.

Fabia is an Entrepreneur and Creative Manager with 20 years of experience working with companies to help them build their brands, create awesome products, and implement marketing plans. She was the founder of Bora Bike, a mobile app that encouraged and rewarded people to commute by bicycle. Her clients were IBM, Google, and others and they had around 100k active users.

Fabia believes that real relationships are based on shared values and strong bonds. She is passionate about art, technology, and making things happen.

This  workshop, exclusively to crossculture2go Coaches and Trainers, will take place at 10 AM EDT/ 4 PM CEST on Tuesday, June 15th. Check your inbox for details.

“Connecting Your Voice To Your Story”

Interactive Workshop with Lisa Patti

In this workshop, we will practice refining the message of our own brand. We will borrow a page from The Startup Playbook to develop our pitch. Furthermore, we will gain an understanding of how to leverage one of our greatest assets in communication, our voice.

Learn how to present more clearly and how to use key elements to create the meaning you want. You offer amazing coaching or training, but if you can’t connect to it, with some emotion and passion, you might lose your chance to make an impact.

This 60-min workshop is interactive, so come ready with some ideas to practice your skills together with your peers and get some feedback!

Lisa’s workshop for crossculture2go Coaches and Trainers will take place at 10 AM EDT/ 4 PM CEST on Tuesday, May 18th.

Coaching Best-Practices & Business Booster Strategies

Power Session With Sundae Schneider-Bean

Sundae Scheider-Bean is a solution-oriented coach, intercultural strategist, podcast host of Expat Happy Hour, and founder of Expats on Purpose and Expat Coach Coalition®. She is offering a Power Session to our members so we can all learn how to grow our businesses!

• Gain new coaching tools
• Boost your industry know-how
• Beat imposter syndrome
• Sell without feeling sleazy

Sundae’s Power Session for crossculture2go Coaches will take place on April 20th, 1-2.30pm CET.

Reinvent Your Coaching & Training

Webinar with Csaba Toth

Are you tired of running your coaching and consulting business based on intercultural, leadership or behavioral models that have been created in the 70s and 80s? Are you not getting the results that you’re hoping for? Are you in need of an effective solution to overcome increasing challenges of leadership and teamwork last century tools simply weren’t designed for?

Then join us and learn all about how to work with the ICF accredited and multi-award-winning assessment tool Global DISC. Using the most widely known, simple DISC language, Global DISC explains how personality type AND cultural background influence all 3 layers of identity: WHAT, HOW and WHY people around the world behave, feel and think so differently.

08 April, 9am (CET)
09 April, 1pm (CET)
14 April, 5pm (CET)