Crosscultural skills

In an international setting, communication and behaviour patterns may differ hugely, but in a very subtle way. With crosscultural skills or intercultural competencies, you are able to deal more effectively with partners from around the world.

How culture works in global business

It is culture that influences our everyday life in many ways and this becomes especially noticeable in international business.

intercultural competence

What is intercultural competence?

The way to intercultural competence can be illustrated in three steps: cultural awareness, cultural knowledge and application.

cultural intelligence

Have you heard of cultural intelligence?

You are probably pretty familiar with IQ and EQ by now, right? But what about CQ – Cultural Quotient – Cultural Intelligence?

workplace hierarchy

How to find your place in the workplace hierarchy?

Where is your place at the new place abroad? Have a look at the power distance index of your target country first!


Do you need a reason to smile?

Reasons for smiling, when and where it is appropriate or expected to smile, what it can express are all factors that vary across cultures.

cultural dimensions

How to decode cultures

There are a number of models that try to make cultural peculiarities comparable.

Crosscultural business communication

Crosscultural business communication

Connecting with other people at the workplace is always a challenge when you start at a new job, and with global workplaces it gets even trickier.

time concepts

Different time concepts in global business

The sense of time and the pace of work vary from country to country. What role play the different concepts of time in international cooperations?

uncertainty avoidance

How much risk are partners willing to take?

In international business, it’s really important whether partners’ views on risk taking are similar or not.

soft skills

Are they really soft skills?

As for the global world, I would say that soft skills and crosscultural skills are the core skills for living a contented, healthy and successful life.

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