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Going global in the next few weeks or months? Use our free crosscultural expert articles to make working and living internationally successful and fulfilling! And if you need more specific support or advice, why not talk to one of our cross-cultural experts or expat support coaches thereafter? The more you know, the easier it gets! Achieve your goals abroad!


Crosscultural Skills

In an international setting, communication and behaviour patterns may differ hugely, but in a very subtle way. With crosscultural skills or intercultural competencies, you are able to deal more effectively with partners from around the world.

crosscultural working internationally

Working Internationally

Get some hands-on advice how to use crosscultural skills or intercultural competencies for working internationally more successfully – from communication and negotiations to sales, team building and leadership.

leadership in Poland

Leadership Across Borders

When managers seek to develop their global leadership skills through going on international assignments, they should be aware that the definition of a great leader differs from country to country.

selling across borders

Selling Worldwide

Want to sell your products and services abroad? Understanding your new customers’ needs, their specific communication style and their core values is the first step in securing your place in the market when selling around the world!

crosscultural living abroad

Living & Working Abroad

Moving to a new country and starting a job there comes with challenges. But living and working abroad is also about what you get out of it – new skills and personal growth. Be a better you, in your work and personal life as well!

expat spouses

Expat Life

The happiness of expat spouses or partners and their families is part of the overall success of any international relocation. Finding some clarity - from culture shock to career development to education - is the best way forward.

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