Conflict Resolution Coaching

Whenever people work together, they experience conflicts that may be caused by incompatible interests, goals or needs. In international teams or collaborations, however, a conflict is susceptible to intercultural misunderstandings when differing working and communication styles are brought in. 

Quite often the visible manifestations of a conflict are driven by underlying invisible cultural differences. At the same time, cultural factors can quickly exacerbate a rather simple conflict. In any case, to achieve an effective conflict resolution the cultural context should always be taken into consideration.

Talk to one of our experienced intercultural business coaches who can show you how to sensitively resolve conflicts in an intercultural setting. They clearly identify in which way culture shapes how the involved parties understand interests, goals and needs at work differently, what actions they may see as more appropriate than others, and how you can reach the best possible solution.

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Conflict Resolution Coaching - Topics

Get Conflict Resolution Coaching to

  • understand the impact of cultural differences on conflicts

  • recognise you own cultural framework in conflict situations

  • improve your intercultural communication skills

  • learn adequate conflict resolution strategies for a specific intercultural setting
  • check cultural specifics of international teams to create  conflict-preventing supportive measures

  • create a working environment where conflicts and reconciliation strengthen work relationships

  • reflect on your personal conflict style and the conflict culture of your environment while working abroad

  •     …

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