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Global DISC ™ supports organisations to develop more nuanced change management, ensuring that diverse employees feel valued, happy and ultimately yield the greatest return.

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With regard to international M&A activities, managing the people side is often the most critical component of the transformation process. Organisations don’t change from one day to the next, people change it day by day. It is the cumulative impact of individual change that brings about organisational and cultural change.

In the process of mergers and acquisitions, most employees need to change the way they work, some might even have to move to another city or country. And most likely new diverse teams will be formed working across borders, cultural differences and languages barriers.The degree to which employees are willing to change their behaviours and adopt new processes has a significant impact on an organisation’s future success.

Change management focuses on how to help people adapt to changes in their day-to-day work. Therefore, change management is also a leadership competency. Change Managers need to be able to lead a change process with commitment, sensitivity and motivation. When working with people of different cultural backgrounds, change competencies include cultural intelligence and global leadership.

Ignoring the people side of change has several negative consequences – from productivity declines, staff dissatisfaction, and increasing turnover rates to suppliers and customers experiencing disruptions. Research shows that organisations with excellent change management are six times more likely to meet their objectives than those with poor or no change management.

“If a company wants to outstrip its competitors, it needs to influence not only how people work but also how they work together”.

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How To Optimise Change Management In Your Organisation

Globalisation is leading organisations and companies into cross-border mergers and acquisitions. To prosper in the global market, change management is a constant task. With Global DISC ™ corporate solution, you can measure an organisation’s cognitive diversity, the deeper layers of diversity making or breaking diverse teams, to optimise your daily change management.

Change Competencies

Global DISC ™ is a very powerful tool to assess and develop all employees on key change competencies. By understanding what personalities and cultures are represented in the organisation and how they tend to react towards change, the change process can be navigated.

Personal Awareness

Each employee receives an Individual Global DISC ™ Report to deepen self-awareness. People gain insight into their preferences and tendencies at work based on their personality type and cultural background. They also learn how they react and cope with change due to their personality type. By providing actionable strategies, they improve their interactions and engage more within newly formed teams and departments.

Cultural Intelligence

The Global DISC ™ assessment and development tool introduces cultural intelligence. Cultural intelligence is all about changing perspectives, to understand the logic of why people think and act differently. Culturally intelligent people are leveraging differences to find new ways of working together and solving problems, which significantly increases engagement and the overall outcome in a diverse business environment.

Mindset & Cultural Gaps

Global DISC ™ Group Reports show a newly formed team’s or department's cognitive diversity index and reveal their blind spots. The more significant a gap, the more potential a group has for success or failure, depending on how they turn differences into synergy after suitable team coaching and training.

Improved Leadership

Global DISC ™ supports leaders who work in changing organisations. Change managers quickly understand the needs and priorities of their diverse employees coping with change while being more aware of their own tendencies and values when leading others. Successful change managers develop a high level of cultural intelligence, which equals their ability to manage and serve people from different cultural backgrounds.

Transparency & Psychological Safety

Team members can be provided with a Global DISC ™ Fast Teaming Passport, showing each team member’s personal and cultural preferences when working together. The goal is to reduce assumptions, misunderstandings and significantly improve communication and psychological safety within the team.

Onboarding Of New Colleagues

By letting future team members take the assessment prior to their arrival in the receiving office, the team building process can be profoundly facilitated. Colleagues can adjust to work effectively with the new co-worker from day one and will appreciate incoming skills more.

Global DISC ™ supports organisations to develop more nuanced change management, ensuring that diverse employees feel valued, happy and ultimately yield the greatest return. With over 20 years of experience in crosscultural business and our global network of vetted trainers, coaches and consultants, we can provide you with a full-service implementation of Global DISC Corporate Solution plus individual coaching and training on demand. Make your company a winner in the global marketplace!