goals and challenges in international business
crosscultural communication skills

CultureFit in 3h

Understand the unspoken laws of international business communication and get clarity on your goals and challenges. Add a live-session with one of our coaches, target what you have learned to your individual situation and develop the cultural skills for ultimate success in your selected country! 

In our eLearning course on Intercultural Awareness you will reflect on your own culture and get a better understanding of what distinguishes your behaviour patterns from business cultures in other countries. Then focus on your own goals and challenges in international business.

In a call with one of our business coaches, you will then be able to specifically taylor what you have learned to your individual international business situation in your selected target country.

  • 90 min efficient and comprehensive eLearning
  • 30 min focus session on goals and challenges
  • 60 min call with your coach
  • Schedule your coaching at a convenient time
  • Secure environment, talk directly on the platform
  • $189

Doing CultureFit in 3h and learning more about my individual goals and challenges before my new assignment in Poland was time well spent. I was most confident when starting my job. In particular, all the tips I got from my international business coach were spot on.

Helena S. English Teacher