Doing Business In Brazil

When doing business in Brazil, mutual trust is indispensable. Personal obligations to a business partner often count much more than what is written in the contract.

Joint projects with Brazilian business partners require a solid personal relationship, before anything can happen. Invest a lot of time and effort into establishing close ties. It is also recommended that you hold on to contacts, once they are established successfully. Otherwise, if a new contact is introduced, talks and negotiations often start all over again – after all, in Brazil, you don’t do business with strangers. Continuity and reliability are the most important characteristics, more important than the project itself.

Talking Without Intermission

Brazilians are very animated and fast talkers. At the same time, they communicate indirect and circular. The conversation develops slowly, coming to the point through circles that develop ever-closer. Foreigners doing business in Brazil often find it difficult to follow a conversation between several people, if they are not familiar with the peculiarities of Brazilian conversational style, which for example allows parallel talking. But be aware: Brazilians react very indignantly if someone tries to make the conversation his own. 

Despite simultaneously talking, it is always ensured that the conversation is balanced. It is of great importance to follow certain rules and get the balance right.

Anything Is Possible In Brazil

Brazilians love jeitinho, which translates as the attitude that anything is possible. Whatever happens, a solution can be found. Often this happens at the eleventh hour, but thanks to creative thinking the worst can always be averted – even great results are achieved which were not within the realm of the possible if one had strictly adhered to the project plan! In Brazil, therefore, it always pays off to show a lot of patience and flexibility and, in difficult situations, simply to trust on jeitinho.

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