Authentoxicity – The Glorified Version Of Fixed Mindset

Csaba Toth, developer of the multi award-winning assessment tool Global DISC™, talks about authentoxicity, one of the purest and most unnoticed forms of fixed mindset.
fixed mindset

This is who I am so deal with it! Also, do not ever force me to do anything I am uncomfortable with even if it could benefit me and others around me! It is my birth right to be driven by my own needs, express my true self and it is your duty to accept it.

I demand respect and freedom, but I am not willing to pay the price for them, responsibility and work.

What do you mean by yours? Feel free to do so as long as it does not bother me or contradicts something, I temporarily believe to be universal truth.

This is authentoxicity, the most egocentric form of authenticity that is spreading like a plague. It is one of the purest and most unnoticed forms of fixed mindset, the complete rejection of the need to grow and care about others.

Every strength and good idea can turn into a serious weakness they are pushed too far. Everything has a price. Freedom should be proportionate with the amount of responsibility we are willing to take.

How many people want freedom of speech with no consequences no matter what they say while keeping the automatic right to get offended by what others say?

How many people do you meet who want to convince you about their truth, but they are not interested in your perspective?

Life is not about hiding behind fixed labels, it is a dynamic process of expanding who we are by working towards who we are capable of becoming. Uncommon Mindset is about understanding why this is crucial and how it can be done before we waste way too much energy, time and relationships around us.

Csaba Toth

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Csaba Toth

I lost my first business because I thought speaking the same language, having common sense, lots of qualifications and good intention would be enough to lead and serve people. I was wrong and I realised most leaders and entrepreneurs were struggling with the same problem so I wanted find a solution. Most of the opportunities, time and energy are lost for 2 reasons: friction with people who think and behave differently, and friction with ourselves. Both of them stem from the same reason, the lack of understanding of why people think and behave so differently so it is hard to turn those differences into synergy. My approach is about unlocking the incredible potential within and between people by helping them bridge the gap between their intention and impact.

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