Doing Business In Argentina

Meetings with Argentinian business partners are characterised by a high degree of courtesy, respect and esteem. A similar demeanor will be expected from you as well when doing business in Argentina.

You will be treated very warmly as Argentines are very relationship-oriented. They do not distinguish between personal and professional level and hence do not keep their distance. Private life is an integral part of professional life and people will naturally talk about personal matters or you will even be invited home to an asado, a typical Argentinian barbecue.

If you are new to the country, you will most likely really enjoy this spontaneous cordiality and will feel very welcome in Argentina right from the very beginning.However, you may also be somewhat overwhelmed by the Argentines’ very personal approach. Try to be open and relaxed anyway. 

Get involved on a personal level

It is very important for your business success that you get involved on a personal level with your Argentinian partners or colleagues. People will want to get to know you as individual before doing business with you. In Argentina, business relationships only work if personal relationships also work!

Ranking each other

In Argentina, social status is very important, and people are very class conscious. Argentines have a keen sense of which class someone belongs to; for example, whether they belong to the upper or lower middle class. It all depends on which schools you went to, which sport you play and which clubs you belong to. 

These subtle differences will probably only become apparent to you after you have spent some time in the country. However, right from your first contact, you should bear in mind that social hierarchies play an important role in Argentinian business life. 

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