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Working internationally always means things are done differently. Develop your global mindset and skill set to confidently collaborate, communicate, negotiate and sell around the world. Take your business or your career to the next level. Become a global player in your field!

Our multilingual global business and career coaches help you thrive in 140+ countries and markets. Choose your topic, target country and favourite coach and benefit from their varied expertise!

Our Global DISC ™ solutions show mindset and cultural gaps between two or more individuals, within groups/teams or in comparison to a specific target country.

Meet Our Preferred Coaches Working With Global DISC

In a personal debrief session our Global DISC Practitioners are happy to help you get the most out of your report by applying your results to your individual situation and country/culture combination. Develop the skills to turn differences into synergy for a successful collaboration.

The Branding Of Culture

Leading Diverse Teams

Diversity and Inclusion for HR

Pursuing A Career Abroad

"I often travel to the Global South. For difficult missions I always reach out to crossculture2go first. They provide business coaching for every region in the world, even at very short notice. I am never alone in challenging negotiations."
Benjamin Wolf
CEO Stay Stiftung
"Starting a new job in another country can be a really stressful experience. Crossculture2go videos, eLearning plus a couple of sessions with a supportive coach made all the difference to me and my family."
Susanne K.
Expat in Stockholm, Sweden
“I have found my best and most reliable business customers in Germany. After gathering lots of helpful information in the Country Course Germany, I talked to a global business coach. Every piece of information in the course is so true and the guys coaching at crossculture2go are just extraordinary. Thank you so much!"
Arjun Siddharth
Hyderabad, India
"An entrepreneur who understands crosscultural skills when going global has much greater chances of success than someone who has not invested in smoother communications with international partners."
Bianca L.
PR Manager, Frankfurt, Germany
"Once you understand the influence of culture on your business partner's behaviour you can deal with any situation. At the end of the day, it is all down to using the right strategies when selling your products abroad."
Carl Ho
Sales Manager, Kuala Lumpur
negotiation skills international business

Negotiation skills In International Business

How to successfully negotiate across cultures is one of the most important aspects of international business relations, with quite high stakes!

lving working abroad

5 Ways Living And Working Abroad Changes You

Spending time away from your home country changes you. And these changes come on many levels, from skills to personality traits even.

successful international business communication working internationally

Successful International Business Communication

There are some general rules of thumb for successful business communication that can be applied regardless where you are going.

adapting your marketing to a global audience

Adapting Your Marketing To Global Audiences

There are countless things you can prepare before taking on a job abroad, but start with these, and you will have some really strong basics!

Diversity Remote Global Teams

Remote Global Teams: Manage Diversity For Maximum Output

A new study shows: contextual diversity increases performance in remote global teams. However, you need different nationalities on the team for a higher contextual diversity, which ultimately results in more personal diversity. Therefore, challenges caused by differences in cultural background, age, language, skills, and values need to be managed well to reap the benefits. 

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international negotiations

International Negotiations: One Language, Many Cultures

Differing expectations of how talks should be conducted ultimately lead to irreconcilable differences in international negotiations. Both sides meet with a fixed mindset shaped by their own business culture. At the same time, globalised business life often feels like we all act in a single, worldwide English speaking culture. How can we make international negotiations more successful?

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mastering crosscultural communication

Mastering Crosscultural Communication

Navigating safely through the perils of crosscultural communication barriers is like wading through deep waters. It is smarter to use life jackets in the form of ongoing crosscultural coaching than simply to wade in armed only with hope.

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