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Bridge Your Culture Gaps

Moving abroad? Working globally? Take the Global DISC Assessment to find your feet in a new country or international career.

Get Inspired By Your Coach

Our multilingual global business, career and expat coaches help you thrive in 140+ countries.

cross-cultural communication in international business

Cross-cultural Communication In International Business

Let’s look at communication styles worldwide to see what cross-cultural communication in international business is all about!

Trust Across Cultures

If you are planning a business travel, maybe sprinkled with some negotiations, trust is definitely on your mind.

adapting your marketing to a global audience

Adapting Your Marketing To Global Audiences

There are countless things you can prepare before taking on a job abroad, but start with these, and you will have some really strong basics!

Global DISC™ multinational virtual teams working internationally

How To Keep Virtual Teams Engaged

How to keep virtual team members around the world engaged is “a hot thought” in the heads of many leaders.

cultural psychology

Cultural Psychology - What You Should Know About It

A big part of what is done here at crossculture2go derives from the scientific discipline of cultural psychology. But what is it?

lving working abroad

5 Ways Living And Working Abroad Changes You

Spending time away from your home country changes you. And these changes come on many levels, from skills to personality traits even.

culture shock

The 4 Stages Of Culture Shock - Have You Experienced Them?

If we want to fully understand culture shock – and how to cope with it in a healthy way – we have to look beneath the surface.

moving abroad

Moving Abroad - 3 Strategies To Make Things Go Smoother

Moving abroad is no small matter. Here are 3 strategies to settle into your new life quicker.


Pursuing A Career Abroad

The Branding Of Culture

Leading Diverse Teams

Meet Your Coach

"I often travel to the Global South. For difficult missions I always reach out to crossculture2go first. They provide business coaching for every region in the world, even at very short notice. I am never alone in challenging negotiations."
Benjamin Wolf
CEO Stay Stiftung
"Starting a new job in another country can be a really stressful experience. The crossculture2go video library plus a couple of sessions with a supportive coach made all the difference to me and my family."
Susanne K.
Expat in Stockholm, Sweden
"An entrepreneur who understands crosscultural skills when going global has much greater chances of success than someone who has not invested in smoother communications with international partners."
Bianca L.
PR Manager, Frankfurt, Germany
"Once you understand the influence of culture on your business partner's behaviour you can deal with any situation. At the end of the day, it is all down to using the right strategies when selling your products abroad."
Carl Ho
Sales Manager, Kuala Lumpur
cultural skills Europeans in the USA

Cultural Skills For Entrepreneurs Launching In The USA

American culture was born out of entrepreneurship. It attracts those risk takers and innovators from Europe who bring to us cultural aspects and ideas. Follow a conversation about cultural skills for entrepreneurs in the USA between Lisa Patti, who is working with international startups on how to make an impact in a new culture, and Floor Bergshoeff, who supports European companies starting their business in the US market.

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move to a new place expats

Connecting – When You Move To A New Place

When you move to a new place, the world opens up. It’s like all of a sudden, everything is possible, and everyone is a potential new friend. But it takes a new set of skills to learn how to satisfy this need for belonging when you become an expat.

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