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Develop your global business skills to confidently work, collaborate, negotiate and sell abroad. Doing business internationally always means things are done differently. We show you hands-on how to thrive in 140+ countries and markets. Take your business and your career to the next level. Become a global player in your field!

Our worldwide expert network covers 140+ countries – get matched with your personal coach and talk whenever works best for you!

With our hands-on videos and courses you deepen your understanding of successfully doing business in your selected country.

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Global DISC™ Assessment

Unleash Your Potential in Global Business

Complete the Global DISC™ assessment in just 5 minutes to learn everything about yourself and others when doing business globally. The 42-page report will show you in many ways how to adapt in order to build the most successful international business relationships.

Global Business Skills Coaching

international sales coaching - skills coaches

International Sales

How people buy in one country is not always how they do it elsewhere. Our experienced international sales coaches know the cultural context of the countries you are selling in and will support you develop the most suitable sales approach.

international negotiation skills coaching Saudi Arabia

Negotiation Skills

Any negotiation skill that works well in your home country might have an adverse effect in many other countries. To be truly successful around the world, you will have to develop a broad variety of negotiation skills.

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Virtual Collaboration

From small multicultural teams to big international projects, if the collaboration is all virtual you face challenges. Our coaches will equip you with skills to maximise results when working virtually with people from all over the world.

Intercultural business videos

Global Leadership

Have you recently moved into a global leadership role? Would you like to succeed in a new job abroad or are you loking for this new career opportunity? Our global leadership coaches help you thrive in the global business world!

Communication Skills

Crosscultural communication is all about understanding that people with different cultural backgrounds perceive things differently. Adapt your communication style and improve global relationships in just a couple of coaching sessions.

Multicultural Team-building

Our business coaches support you when building a multicultural team, laying important foundations for productive working relationships between team members so that crosscultural synergies can be developed.

Conflict Resolution

In a coach call about conflict resolution in an international setting you learn how the involved parties may understand interests, goals and needs at work differently, and how you as a project leader can guide them to the best solution.

Expat and Spouse Support

An international relocation can be overwhelming. From life coaching to spouse career development to expat family support – whatever situation you need to deal with, your relocation support coach will be there to guide you through it!

project management

Project Management

In international project management, cultural differences come into play particularly quickly. Mostly, questions of work organization lead to conflicts and losses.Get professional support to maximise results when working with people from all over the world.

Global Business English

Global Business English

While excellent English skills always come in handy, crosscultural communication skills are equally important to speak fluently and truly understand every international client, supplier or colleague. This is what we call Global Business English.

Global Leadership Coaching Thailand

Global DISC Debrief

Personality determines how we want to behave, culture determines how we should behave. The Global DISC™ Assessment + Debrief enables you to see any business situation from multiple perspectives and to flex your behaviour.

global leader

Becoming a global leader - 5 lessons to learn

Having to manage an international team doesn’t mean you are a global leader. You have to become one. Here are 5 lessons to learn!

successful international business communication working internationally

4 tips for successful international business communication

There are some general rules of thumb for successful business communication that can be applied regardless where you are going.

lving working abroad

5 ways living and working abroad changes you

Spending time away from your home country changes you. And these changes come on many levels, from skills to personality traits even.

selling across borders

8 success factors when selling across borders

Even the most experienced sales teams face unknown challenges when they venture into new markets abroad.

doing business abroad

Doing business abroad - 5 things to research

There are countless things you can prepare before taking on a job abroad, but start with these, and you will have some really strong basics!

culture in business

Negotiations across cultures - 3 top factors to take into consideration

How to successfully negotiate across cultures is one of the most important aspects of international business relations, with quite high stakes!

crossculture2go proudly presents Ed’s Global TV Talkshow – bringing business experts together from across the globe to story-talk and share ideas in a conversational format across time, borders and cultures.

small talk networks introductions Italy USA
Working internationally

Small Talk, Networks, and the Beautiful Life in Italy

crossculture2go Coach Cheryl Obal found that it is pretty uncommon in Northern Italy to have small talk with strangers. Very different from the US, where total strangers talk to you wherever you go. That is why personal introductions are absolutely crucial to doing business successfully in Italy.

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